April 18th John and Emily – Charlottesville, VA  “We grew closer together during this course!”
: I really enjoyed this experience. This course deepened my understanding and made me excited for my marriage. It reinforced important concepts of my faith and I enjoyed discussing the topics with Emily. We grew closer together during this course even though we are separated by a great distance physically right now.  
Her: I think that this prep was very valuable as it helped to build the foundation of our life together. I love that it gave us a chance to think through and discuss important elements of married life in the church and re-focus our energy (in the middle of very chaotic wedding planning) on the incredible sacrament that will be happening on our wedding day.                                                                                                                               
Both:  Thank you so much for all of your time! This was really a great experience.

April 19th Alfonso and Stacy – Greeley , CO  “I learned a lot of useful tools to add to our relationship!”
Him:  I thought it was very inspirational.  I learned a lot of useful tools to add to our relationship.               
Her: I thought the marriage preparation was very helpful. I learned a lot. I plan on incorporating things that I've learned into our daily life so we can have a more fulfilled marriage.                             Both:  Thank you so much for spending your time answering our questions and providing your insight. It was very helpful. We appreciate the fact that you tell us about your personal issues as well, so we can see how everyone goes through difficult things in a marriage. It helps us keep things in perspective. God bless you! Keep up the great work!

April 20th Christopher and Stacy – Summerhill, PA   “It put things in perspective that we take for granted!”
  I thought it was an excellent course! It brought up a lot that we had already discussed but it also made us look at things in different ways and asked us questions from other points of views we had not yet considered.                                                                                                                                                                                 
Her:  It was a great course. We discussed many of the topics in the lessons and it brought a good conversation that we have not had before. It also put things in perspective that we take for granted.                                  
Both:  We enjoyed the course and it was nice to be paired up with military instructors!

April 21st Mauricio and Jessica – Platteville, CO  “It was very convenient for our busy schedules!”
  I personally really enjoyed it because I truly learned a lot and the answers our instructors would give us were awesome and clarifying.                                                                                       Her: This was a great experience and it was very convenient for our busy schedules.                                           
Both:  This course really improved our communication because it promoted us to communicate and discuss this more. It let us be more comfortable with each other.

April 22nd Angelo and Kayleigh- Crestview, FL   “It helped us to understand the meaning behind marriage”
I enjoyed this course. I felt like it helped us to understand the meaning behind marriage and it helped us learn to work together and communicate better.                                                           Her:  It was a great class! I learned a lot and have a better understanding of what to expect from marriage!                                  
Both:  Thank you for everything!