It helped us reach a deeper level with each other

November 16th, Josh and Amanda, Berkeley, California: - we went from engagement to betrothal -
His: "I appreciated the feedback from our instructor couple. I could tell they put a lot of thought into the responses and they did a good job clarifying the questions."
Her: “This prep was rigorous and very specific. My impression is that it is good for instilling the seriousness and sacredness of marriage; it is for couples who are willing to take the extra step of commitment towards their marriage by preparing intentionally together. It met my expectations that it would help us communicate about important issues and understand the Church's teachings together. I appreciated the in-depth connection between scripture and the questions. I also appreciated the overall rigor. Our instructors' feedback helped us to consider our answers further and prompted continued conversations."
Both: “It challenged us to go deeper on many of the issues we had already been discussing and gave us different angles of consideration; this process helped us become even more thorough in our communication and have more patience understanding each other. We are grateful that this course gave us a solid way to connect - we went from engagement to betrothal - and it helped us stay focused on preparing for our marriage when we could have gotten pulled further into just planning for the single wedding day. Many thanks!!!!"

November 17th, Josh and Melit, Louisiana.  This was an amazing prep!  I plan to be baptized into the Catholic Church.
His: "This was a great prep. I feel that we learned everything that we needed to as if we took this prep in person. I appreciated the Natural Family Planning assignment. I was able to learn more about the effects of contraceptives. I plan to continue attending church with Melit and doing my daily prayers. I also plan to be baptized into the Catholic Church."
Her: "This was an amazing prep. We were able to do it at our own pace and we are well informed about everything. This course revived my desired to get closer to God because I know he is important in my life. Without him, I am nothing. It's important to have a strong relationship with Him before anything else."
Both: "The course improved our communication because we were able to sit together for a few hours and talk about the questions. It's important for us to take a step back and take a breath before letting our emotions get to the best of us. It is also important to actively listen to one another instead of listening to only respond."

November 18th, Kyle and Jill,  Kansas. "It is a fantastic tool that brings couples closer together and also learn God's plan for them."
His: "I believe every couple needs to do it because it really opens your eyes as a couple and you learn so much about your future partner!
It ignited me to want to get closer to God. I have never been a regular church goer but now I feel the need and importance to. It made me realize that everything in this world is part of his creation."
Her: “It is a fantastic tool that brings couples closer together and also learn God's plan for them. From day one, we have been learning exactly what God's plan is for us and we couldn't be happier.
It helped us reach a deeper level with each other. We had never talked about our deepest thoughts about religion so it was a great experience. I liked the side activities such as the love letters because it was fun to do and they were full of love that made us both very happy. "
Both: “It allowed us to open up to one another and really get to a new level of connectivity. This class has helped us grow closer to each other.

November 19th, Kris and Jessy, Springfield, Illinois. "I appreciated the pieces on Theology of the Body. We are pumped to make our marriage our mission."
His: "I liked the chastity, contraceptive and forgiveness modules the most. They seemed more practical in my life at the current moment.
We have both been an active parishioner at my current parish, however, with marriage comes a move to a new state, new parish and a wealth of new experiences. So I'm excited to integrate into a new parish system and the nice this is that Jessy already has, which should make it a lot easier for me.''
Her: "I appreciated the pieces on Theology of the Body and the importance of NFP. The use of contraceptives and the lack of commitment (for anything!) cause the breakdown of marriages in our society. So this was awesome for us to be reaffirmed in the beauty of happy, healthy, committed, and sacrificial intimacy. I have been drawn to my relationship with Jesus for most of my life, but in my own way. Now, the Lord has invited me into an even deeper understanding of His love for me. I am so excited to love and be loved by Christ through the relationship with my spouse, as we are mirrors of Jesus to one another.''
Both: "We are pumped to make our marriage our mission, to see how the fruits of our covenant can bear fruit for the world. We are going to live out our Catholic faith together through the celebration of the sacraments, especially Sunday Mass, pray together, reach out to our mentor couples for ways to grow and to learn how to keep pursuing each other. we have learned that we can love one another better by learning the needs of each other."

November 20th, Romano and Halona, Bronx, NY  "It made me take a look at having God more in our life."
His: “I appreciated that it made us think about our relationship more in depth. The questions that were asked made us think and talk and communicate about it. Especially the discussion part.
It made me take a look at more at having God our life as man and wife and to be more involved."
Her: "I feel that it was very informative and helpful for me to better understand the Catholic religion. I enjoyed it. I feel better prepared to be married because this prep has made us think and work together. Yes it met our expectations and more. I am going to complete my RCIA classes by next March and become a member of the church, I may one day sing during Mass, I may help out with church events and begin giving tithes."
Both: “It improved our communication because my fiancee realized she was avoiding conversations and now we are able to do better with the exercises completed in this prep. It made us realize what we need to improve on like better communication and budgeting."

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