November 27th Alvin and Amanda – Honolulu, HI “It renewed my desire to follow God.”

Him: This class made me learn new things about the Catholic faith in regards to marriage. I liked this class, it was good. I enjoyed the self-pace of it.  A lot of the topics we learned were things we were already discussing about how we wanted our relationship to be. 
Her: Made me appreciate the gifts that God has given me and I need to show him how much I appreciate his love to Alvin and I and I want to be a better person living God's word. 
Both: It improved our communication because it opened the door for it.  Taboo topics became something to address because “it was an assignment”.  But it forced us to have these conversations to lay the groundwork and understanding than rather having not discussed it. 

November 28th Linus and Flavia – Vadodara, Gujarat “We are more encouraged on growing in God's love and faith as a  couple and also follow the same values to our growing family.”

Him:There was a lot of knowledge gain regarding different aspects of marriage life. Overall i am really happy that I got a chance to attend this marriage prep.
Her: Yes, it did meet my expectations I got to learn a lot from this course, It was a a great media to know him and his ideas even better. We had fun and more understanding regarding marriage with all the assignments. It was good learning different aspects of marriage, especially the assignments like matrimony, forgiveness and green sex. It added a lot to my knowledge about marriage and its different phases.
Both:The course assignments was really helpful and gave us an opportunity to know each other even better. It helped us understand different aspects that can come across a married life. We could communicate well about our differences and compatibility issues. Overall it was very helpful and we will try to keep up to all the teachings.

November 29th Parker and Emily – Tulsa, OK “It revived my faith by showing me how God will help our marriage.”

Him: I think that this preparation class was very insightful, and provided good points on which to reflect. Our sponsoring couple was very friendly, personal and knowledgeable. We felt like we were in good hands. I am very happy that I took this course and would recommend it to others.
Her:I couldn't be happier that Parker and I decided to take this journey of "catholic marriage" together. This prep class was a wonderful start to that journey. It helped us reflect on our experiences and our relationship with God, and also armed us with "marriage tools" to ensure a happy, lifelong marriage.While we have an incredibly strong relationship, it was lacking a spiritual component. These courses have inspired us both to be better Catholics and to invite God into our marriage.
Both:The courses started conversations about topics that we had not approached in the past. It helped us trust one another even more and showed us the value of open communication with each other and God.

November 30th Corey and Ashley – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “This course helped to tie together how marriage and God coincide and why it is so important to have faith at the center of your relationship.”

Him:It was a great learning experience on the relationship of marriage and the Catholic Church. We will definitely utilize some of the concepts taught in this class as our marriage and relationship grow. I felt a closer connection as the knowledge and understanding became more relevant within myself and within our relationship. The ability to relate helped create a closer bond with God.
Her:This class allowed us the opportunity to discuss several different topics that I’m sure will come up over the course of our marriage.I appreciated having time set aside for Corey and I to talk about these important topics and not only discuss them, but also think about them deeply enough to write down our feelings and submit them to our instructors. I also appreciated understanding more about the role that the Church and God can play in our marriage moving forward.
Both:It helped by streamlining topics of conversation and allowed us to discuss things that might have been difficult to bring up otherwise. These classes also gave us dedicated time to make sure we were on the same page with so many important topics. Rather than answering the questions superficially to get through the course, we really spent a lot of time talking and understanding each other’s point of view.

December 1st Travis and Jami – Harrisburg, PA “I appreciated learning more about the Catholic faith.”

Him:It was very beneficial; I learned a lot about ourselves and most importantly how we are going to grow even closer to God together and myself.
Her:I think it was great! The lessons were in depth but it was nice to take time to really think about the answers, pray together and learn about each other more. I think coming closer to God is so important and our lives in the next chapter we will only deepen our love for each other and God.
Both:Each lesson brought us closer to each other! Some had insightful things that the other never would have known if it weren't for the lesson. Some answers were super impressive while we did His and Hers; it was fun to read each other's answers!