November 13th Justin and Hada – Houma-Thibodaux, LA“I feel as though every time I spend on learning about Jesus and God, I become filled with a peaceful loving desire to go further.”
Him: I enjoyed the class because I felt that it addressed many of the important aspects that need to be covered in order to be fully prepared for a catholic marriage. I am glad that I took the course, but I originally was just looking at it as something else we needed to check off our list before the big day. I do feel it really helped us grasp the sacredness of marriage.
Her: My overall impression of this prep was that it covered a lot of ground. I appreciated all the information about NFP, although we will be researching more in-depth about it and how to begin it. I also felt like the birth control information sank in deeply and made me reflect a lot. It's so hard to choose only 1 thing I appreciated the most!
Both: Learning about the you-message vs. I-message was a good reminder to consider how our message, and the delivery of it, affects the other person.

November 14th Jason and Jordan – Crookston, MN “It was informative and created discussion.”
Him: It was informative and created discussion, [our instructors] were very knowledgeable, their answers were personal and in depth. The course covered the topics I was expecting and the instructors gave great explanations, they gave examples to help relate it to their experiences.
Her: I enjoyed the course.  It brought forth lots of interesting and important topics.  I learned a lot and value all the information [our instructors] shared.  I was worried how the online classes wouldn't be as personal but they made it very personal with examples of situations in their own lives or couples they know.  It was nice. It reminded me how important my relationship with God is.  It also made me aware of how important it is to me to build my relationships in accordance to God's teachings.
Both: It did improve communication.  It's something we both want to get better at and it was a great first step towards that goal.

November 15th Jon and Angela – Sioux City, IA “I appreciated the in-depth subjects which raised very honest and candid answers from each other.”
Him: I thought the overall prep hit all of the key subjects in detail and with great enthusiasm. The Bible readings connected to modern day YouTube videos, etc., helped make God's lessons 'current' which I'll continue to challenge myself & our family with keeping our faith 'current'.
Her: I really enjoyed the conversation that this course encouraged.  I felt like [our instructors] were right there in the room with us even though we haven't met.  I would highly recommend this course for couples that have to deal with distance or difficult schedules.
Both: We both feel more comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics --- we will continue this. The course was great & the platform was very easy to use.

November 16th Tony and Stephanie – Denver, CO “The course explains how marriage gets us closer to God.”
Him: The prep was very interesting.  The material will help me to understand my role going forward.  The information that was provided in the assignments is helpful in many ways.I like the videos and lectures.  The audio portion of the prep class helped me to understand the perspective of the lesson.
Her: I thought it was good. I thought it encouraged us to talk about things we wouldn't have beforehand.  I think it sets us up well, prepares us well.I also enjoyed the videos. I like getting the feedback from the support couple, especially when we had questions.
Both: We are in the process of getting closer.  The course offers tools to help us communicate better with each other.  We are happy that we can work on our communication with the knowledge we have gained from the course.

November 17th Tuan and Lynda – Kansas City, KS “I believe that this class has helped me want to learn the Bible and the church more thoroughly.”
Him: This class has raised issues and topics of discussion between Lynda and I.  I feel that this class has helped us develop more as a couple. I did not think that a class would be able to help us develop our relationship more, but it has done so. I appreciated the exercises that we had to do together.  Reviewing her answers and seeing how they differ or aligned with mine helped us discuss our similarities or differences. 
Her: This class felt like the very necessary bible study course to re-fresh and enhance our knowledge of God together prior to our marriage journey. I realized there is so much about the bible that I don’t know or understand.  I enjoyed going more in depth in the passages.  In addition, when we attend Sunday mass now, the readings and gospels are sounding more familiar, because we’ve heard it before in our assignments.
Both: This course prompted conversations we never would’ve started on our own. In going through the questions and answers together, it gave us the perfect opportunity to share our opinions with one another.