May 29th John and Clarice - Lansing,MI “It gave grounding to why the Catholic religion believes what it does about marriage and how that belief leads to a stronger marriage.”

Him: It was very informative for myself since I have not been introduced to the Catholic religion. The sessions were well paced out and not overwhelming and helped us reflect on what is needed and expected in marriage. I appreciated the practical aspects of the courses and how the Catholic religion fits into and guides marriage. These courses were not just in your face read this passage and you're done.
Her: I appreciated the various elements of the class. I feel it took into account that everyone has a different learning style. There were videos to watch, passages to read and audio to listen to. You were not just doing one of the three. I also appreciated the instructor feedback to let us know we were on the right track and show areas of further reflection.
Both: It improved our communication, because it brought upon further discussion of our beliefs. We got to ask each other why our opinions were what they were on certain topics. We also had to practice patience with each other because at times we were working on this after work and were "tired" from busy days.

May 30th Austin and Ashly - Sacramento, CA “Makes me want to be the best wife I can be and to view marriage as Gods vocation for me.”

Him: It definitely helped me with wanting to become more knowledgeable and to push me harder to become a Catholic. 
Her: I thought the prep was extremely beneficial and sparked great conversation between us. Definitely brought up some good discussion and lessons we both weren't aware should be discussed. I really enjoyed the course. While not being Catholic I thought that the structure of it started at the beginning and progressed accurately. It brought me a lot of insight on things that I did not know. I would highly recommend this course to every couple that is getting married.
Both: It allowed us to discuss topics we had not already and to hear each other out on their ideas and then discuss differences.

May 31st Joseph and Angela – Pittsburgh, PA “It went beyond my expectations; it has made the wedding plans even more special and romantic.”

Him: My impression is that this was a super marriage prep class for us, not only because it accommodated the fact that we live 6 hrs apart, but even if we did it together, it was a well put together, informative, Spirit-led on target uplifting program including the great mentoring by our instructors. It opened my /our eyes to the beauty and Sacredness and seriousness of this Sacrament.
Her: I appreciated the opportunity to discover so many intimate details about my feelings both personal and Spiritual and having a chance to learn so much more about the man I love and want to share the rest of my life with.
Both: It opened our eyes to where we are Spiritually, and were we want to go Spiritually, challenged us on all aspects of Matrimony, so that we were able to nicely dialogue about each topic of the lessons, and have learned new ways to talk to each other, based upon our calling to be a loving Catholic-Christian couple.

June 1st Emmanuel and Lauren - Sacramento, CA  “I appreciated the conversation because for us, while we invite God into our relationship, the discussion of our roles and God's intentions brought us closer together.”

Him: I really enjoyed the conversations that these assignments promoted us to have.
Her: In the end we have a stronger foundation and know what we need to work on moving forward.  We love each other very much and we look forward to our upcoming nuptials, especially now as we have some more tools in our tool belt.  We especially grew more as a couple with God and our appreciation for Him.
Both: There were things we had questions about and those things we received more answers about and allowed us to talk and work through those questions.

June 2nd Gregory and Stacy- Columbus, OH “It really opened our eyes that this is more than just a dedication to each other.”

Him: I enjoyed learning about our goals as a Holy family together and what we plan on doing moving forward in our relationship with God and each other. I also enjoyed learning more about effective communication. It brought us closer in unity as a couple with God. To pray together as a family and create strong, spiritual habits as a family.
Her: I enjoyed the communication aspect. I think if a relationship maintains strong communication and puts forth effort to the communication (including family prayer etc.) it will create an unbreakable bond.
Both: It is great to have a reminder of what marriage is while planning all the other details that goes into planning a wedding. The true meaning why we are getting married and not all the bells, bows, and cake. It is about building a strong partnership with each other and God.