May 2nd, Bradley and Wendy– Lubbock, TX   “It helped us see things from a Catholic perspective.”
Him:  I thought the prep course was really helpful for our relationship and engagement. It helped us talk through important issues and see things from a Catholic perspective.                                                       
Her:  This course is great! It helped reinforce what I learned growing up in the Catholic Church while teaching new information as well. The format of the course was also very helpful. I liked that a real couple read our answers and gave feedback.  
Both:   It improved our communication because it brought up the issues in a very structured way which helped us a lot! 

May 3rd, Mark and Joyleen– Colorado Springs, CO   “It helped us to better understand God’s will”
Him:  I liked this prep course. It taught me a lot on what it means to be married between a man and women. It helped me to better understand Gods will in it. I really liked the fact that it touched on issues that could happen in a marriage and it gave us tips on how to fix them.
Her:  I think this preparation was great. It gave me a better understanding of what it entails to get married and how to do it in Gods will. It really helped me to open my eyes on a lot of issues that could arise in a marriage and good ways to help overcome them.
Both:   We really enjoyed this course!

May 4th, Spencer and Mary- Hazelwood, MI  “It made me decide to use NFP throughout our marriage”
Him:  I really liked preparing for our Catholic wedding online. The assigned readings and worksheets made us talk and express our feelings on it. I believe that this marriage prep has made our relationship closer.            
Her:  I really enjoyed this marriage prep class. I liked the worksheets because it helped us go over on how to communicate with each other. I especially liked the NFP worksheet because it made me decide to use NFP throughout our marriage.
Both: It has improved our communication because we have learned how to understand each other's feelings much better.

May 5th, Dustin and Kimberlee- Gervais, OR  “Our relationship with God grew stronger.
Him:   It helped us grow closer to each other and God.  
Her:   I really liked the class! Thorough this process we became closer and our relationship with God grew stronger.
Both:  We plan to go to church on a more regular basis. We hope to be able to participate in some parish activities.

May 6th, Kaleb and Taylor- Boulder, CO  “It broke down walls between us”
Him: It was a comprehensive covering of the Catholic view on the sacrament of marriage.                              
Her: This truly deepened my understanding of the sacrament of marriage and I think this course did a great job by hitting all the major topics.
Both:  It broke down walls between us, allowing us to be completely open with each other. We learned more in depth facts about each other.