Sept. 7th, Al and Mary,  Philadelphia, PA: "Marriage: a big spiritual step"
His: "Great preparation for marriage. Lots of information.
It made me realize that marriage is as big spiritual step as it is mentally and physically and that we can grow and become closer to God together and later on as a family.
Her: "Great course. It really helped us realize how important of a step this is spiritually. Definitely was above our expectations. It definitely ignited my desire to grow my faith along with Al's together in marriage.
Both: "We alternated reading the key links and explained and reviewed them to each other together.

September 8th Chris and Claire, Sacramento, CA "Learned a lot!"
His: "I have learned a lot about the Catholic religion, have learned a lot about Claire and my relationship, and have learned about what can be done to improve our relationship once married. The course was very challenging as I expected it to be."
Her: "I was forced to express my feelings and made to realize how I feel about a lot of things. The prep did teach me a lot about myself and the Catholic religion. The course was very informative and I knew that there would be a lot of things that I did not know about."
Both: "As the course went on, we became more and more interested in reading everything that the answer keys had to offer."

September 9th, Chris and Erika, Georgia "Liked the feedback"
His: "The preparation was that was very thorough and informative. Gordon and Mary really took the time to respond to our specific needs and understood our needs as a couple. They shared some great advice that we currently use and in the future. It is very difficult to relate to the military experience unless you have lived it first-hand. There are different expectations and stresses resident in our relationships that others cannot understand. It was refreshing to read their advice from a couple that understands the challenges we face in our daily lives."
Her: "It definitely covered everything with a lot of detail. The answer keys were nice to get back with the extra explanations and other ways to view the same question."
Both:"We liked the feedback and that it sparked a few conversations we had never had."

September 10, James and Louise, Ireland "The true meaning of marriage"
His: "It was brilliant and insightful. It totally met my expectations.
The feedback was so detailed. It made me realise the true meaning of marriage."
Her: "I enjoyed how close it made us feel. It was more than I expected. What I appreciated most was getting to do the assignments together and talking things through. It reminded me that God is the reason for all our happiness."
Both: "We plan to go to mass and getting involved in the parish. It made us really thing about communicating more and how to have a healthy marriage."

September 11th, Alexander and Gabriela, Edmonton, Canada "It made us think outside the box"
His: "I liked the discussions this prep created. It was way better than I expected. I appreciated the discussion topics, because it forced Gaby and I to talk about topics we normally wouldn't talk about. I always feel close to God but this prep really made me feel closer with him and love God more."
Her: "I really enjoy marriage prep. It made us think outside the box and really tested our relationship at time. Yes, it met my expectations. I didn't think it was going to go into some of the deep topics but it did and it was great! I appreciated the tips Darci and Tom gave us. Sometimes our answers didn't have all of them and they let us know things we missed which really helped. I enjoy the subject on how to avoid as much arguments as possible. I think this prep really made our relationship better now and will in our future. I'm so glad we did it."