June 4th John and Erin – Toledo, OH“This experience made me more interested in the catholic beliefs and made me draw closer to God throughout this journey.”

Him:This class allowed Erin and I to connect to each other on a differently level and begin to talk about our incorporation of God into our daily routines. As well as, draw closer together by drawing closer to God.We appreciated that we could do this course at our own pace and was not rushed to answer the questions which allowed us to discuss in more detail everything.
Her: This class allowed me to learn more about the catholic faith and better understand the commitment that marriage is. I think this experience not only brought us closer together as a couple, but closer to God.I appreciated the course because our instructors were gracious enough to allow us two extensions due to our busy schedules. This allowed us to focus more on the questions and really dive deep into the material and God's word; rather than merely scraping the top of the information. It allowed us to really connect to each other and to God.
Both:It allowed us to be more open with one another and really discuss the matters that in a marriage can lead to divorce.

June 5th Peter and Julie – Anchorage, AK “It opened  a lot of discussions in the comforts of our home without others around.”

Him:This course may have been the beginning of many discussions of faith within our house. By being allowed to take this course in our home it instigated many discussions of faith and religion on our home turf. I enjoyed being able to share my faith with Julie on a daily level. Showing her how much it means to me everyday, not just Sunday.
Her:Love the flexibility of an online course, especially with a very young daughter that would not allow for a weekend retreat. An online version allowed for a lot of great conversations within our home. I enjoyed to insight and meaning behind why things are done in the Catholic faith. It seems too often things are done just "because". Now I have gained history and meaning behind the traditions.
Both: I enjoyed learning about the catholic faith in a way that allowed us to learn from each other. This enable us to dig deeper into the readings (because we had to read them together a few times to get the full meaning and understand them.)

June 6th Brandon and Tristin – San Bernardino, CA “It revived my faith because it taught me more about sacrament of matrimony and how important our faith is to keep our love and relationship strong and healthy.”

Him:I enjoyed doing this program online because we both have very hectic schedules so it was nice to complete the assignments when we had the time to do so. I appreciated the worksheet and audio files regarding NFP, because I enjoyed the information provided especially the aspect that encourages communication regarding intimacy.
Her:I really enjoyed this wedding prep course! I gained a ton of valuable information regarding the sacrament of marriage and the catholic faith as it pertains to marriage. One aspect that I really liked about it was completing the worksheets in the comfort of my own home, it was very nice to have some time to sit down alone with my spouse speaking about our marriage and faith. I also really loved the rapid and very detailed feedback we received!!
Both:This course improved our communication by showing us that we need to talk about anything and everything that is bothering us. When either of us have a problem we need to be open about it and talk about in order to solve it, silence does more harm than good. We also need to make God a bigger part of our everyday lives.

June 7th Frank and Hayley – New York, NY “It inspired the feeling within me that God will help us through all of life's adventures as long as we work together as a team and ask for God's help.”

Him:I thought that this class significantly exceeded our expectations and we really enjoyed all of the positive and supporting insights we received. I think we learned a lot and will definitely refer back to the answers and material for further guidance throughout our marriage. I really appreciated the depth of questions, reading materials, and all of the really great insights from our instructors. They were truly invaluable and very helpful.
Her:I have loved reading through the feedback offered by [our instructors]. This has been an enlightening process. I plan to revisit some of what we covered in the months leading up to the wedding to once again read the advice provided by this couple. I appreciated most the context provided behind some of the feelings surrounding marriage. It was comforting to read that we share many of the same worries or feelings of excitement as other couples.
Both:It guided us through some of the "hard" conversations we knew we should have before getting married.

June 8th Eric and Karly – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “It revived my desire to get closer to God and especially to have Him be a bigger part of our relationship”

Him: It was very educational and it will definitely help us with problem solving in the future and to keep our relationship healthy.
Her:I am thankful that we completed these assignments all together and I have already seen changes in myself and Eric that show we've truly taken away something from this program
Both:It improved our communication because we did the activities and quizzes together during these assignments and it’s shown over the last couple of weeks with how we communicate during arguments or frustrating times or anything that involves us actively communicating with each other.