March 13th Rumaldo and Adriana- Santa Fe NM “It gave me a better meaning of what marriage really is.”
Him: I thought that the preparation course was very helpful! It brought me and Angie closer to each other. We got to discuss things together that we hadn't talked about before. The prep course gave us a better understanding of marriage and gave us very useful tools to help us resolve problems and work through issues that may arise. I really enjoyed how Debbie and Joe would give us in-depth feedback on our answers. It helped both of us get a much better understanding of many of the topics discussed in the prep course.
Her: I appreciated everything but my most favorites were the feedback provided and the videos. I feel that this course gave me the necessary tools to be prepared for my married life. Thank you so much!
Both: We talked about different topics more and listened to each other more.

March 14th Nicholas and Flora- Military Diocese “This course gave me a better understanding of God's role in a marriage.”
Him: I believe it was a very thorough marriage prep class. It provided an environment for critical thinking and reflection time regarding our upcoming life as a married couple and our relationship with God.
Her: I feel that we are better prepared for marriage. This course has given us the tools we need for a successful marriage. I learned more about God's role in a marriage, what is expected from me as a wife, and it answered some questions I had regarding Catholicism and contraceptives.
Both: We will practice more active listening as well as work on having more patience with not only each other, but ourselves.

March  15th Joshua and Mallory- Gaylord, MI “It helped me refresh the true meaning of marriage…”
Him: Enjoyed it very much, really helped clear up some misconceptions as well as gave great explanations. It gave us a strong foundation and a way to clearly state our expectations/priorities.  It provided us with a toolbox of marriage techniques.
Her: It was helpful in that it provided very detailed answer keys to help us reflect on our own answers. I appreciated the detailed answer key as well as all of the helpful links that we could use for our marriage process and in our relationship. It helped me refresh the true meaning of marriage and what it takes to make a marriage successful through praying together and practicing the faith.
Both: It helped us to realize and remember the importance of being open with one another in order to be on the same page and to fully understand one another.

March 16th Kevin and Ann - Kansas City, KS  "I feel more motivated to incorporate the Lord into my everyday life, knowing that it will strengthen my relationship with Him and my wife."
Him: This was a great experience for us to do together, really got us thinking about the sacrament of marriage and everything that it entails in order to have a happy and holy married life.
Her: This online marriage prep was amazing! It really gave us the opportunity to think and focus on important topics that need to be brought to our attention as we enter marriage. We learned a lot and are now able to take our learnings and incorporate them into our everyday lives as soon to be husband and wife!
Both: We have always been very open with one another in life, but this allowed us to go down to a deeper layer of communication, talking about our faith and our future family.

March 17th Alex and Renata - Stockton, CA  "I definitely want to learn more about the Catholic faith now that I have really learned about this sacrament."
Him:I think it was really important that we took this. It gave us a more clear understanding of the commitment we are making to the church and to each other. My favorite of the activities were the love letters because we are so used to writing to each other as an expression of our love. This just put them all on a new level with us and God.
Her: It was great and felt really healthy for us to start our marriage about learning the way God wanted man and woman to become one and how important this covenant and sacrament is. It has encouraged me to really go to church more often than we do. And it has encouraged me to teach Alex more about the Catholic faith and hopefully get him baptized.
Both:The last worksheet about communication and the "I" rule I think has helped us a lot in just the last few days. It is so easy to blame and almost a habit for most people. Now we are thinking about what we are saying before we jump to hurt each other and it is also giving us a chance to really think about each other and how our actions can affect us.