January 8th Nathan and Nadine – Thunder Bay, Ontario“It was great to learn the values and benefits that matrimony offer couples, and how God plays a role in all of it!”

Him:I enjoyed the experience. I thought the content was relevant to a successful marriage. I thought the conversations regarding forgiveness and contraception were the most relevant to us.
Her: I enjoyed working through the assignments with Nathan, and we had some really good conversations. I am glad we did it online because we could work through at our own pace. I appreciated the time we took to work on it together. We discussed the assignments a lot throughout the course so I appreciated that as well.
Both:We think it strengthened our communication. We talked about that things that we maybe didn't consider before in regard to being married.

January 9th James and Courtney – Knoxville, TN “It reminded me of how powerful God's love is for us”

Him:Thoroughly enjoyed this program. We were asking ourselves questions that never would've come up in general conversations, and were challenging ourselves to answer tough inquiries into very personal aspects of our lives. We became closer going through these discussions and are better prepared to be married as a result.
Her:It was very knowledgeable and opened my eyes to things that I we don't think that much about on a daily basis; very informative, led to some great conversations; we feel closer than ever!
Both:It challenged our norms - things that were more personal that were rarely communicated about were suddenly thrust forth into our everyday chats and personal conversations. We found different ways to communicate our love to each other, and are better off.

January 10th Jeffery and Hao – New Orleans, LA “It touched so many subjects I hardly gave a thought to.”

Him:This was a very interesting lesson to learn and grow from. I am very happy that we were able to take this course. This met [my] expectations tenfold. Help me learn things i did know before or even consider. It was very moving and i have so many things to take into consideration and learn more.
Her: My overall impression of the course was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed it very much. This prep class is something that we all should do at least twice in life so that we may never forget our true mission. The course was more than what i expected it to be. It thought me so many things i never knew and gave me the knowledge to be more closer to my partner and Christ.
Both: We gave a lot of effort into this assignment by talking over the phone and FaceTime and this brought us even closer since we are so far apart. We had to say things that we were embarrassed to talk about but then after felt the relief of our communication. Our goals are more clear and we hope to continue to better our communication everyday.

January 11th Sean and Jocelyn – Philadelphia, PA “The course is another way of getting us to read Bible verses and delve into the Scriptures.”

Him:The course covered a broader range of topics than I though it would, going all the way back to Genesis and the creation story. The answer keys were more personalized than I expected and made the course feel more like a conversation than a one way "this the right answer" session.
Her:I learned quite a bit about the reasons behind the Church's teachings on sacraments and exactly why marriage in an unbreakable bond. I like the fact that video clips are mixed in with the readings in each assignment. It makes the assignments more interactive.
Both:The course made us think about theological issues that often get swept aside as the basics because they are covered in Catholic grade school. Revisiting the meaning of a Sacrament is one such example. Neither of us had thought much about that since our school days. We both had stories of awkward grade school Confessions to share. In that sense we were able to bond even closer through common shared experiences.

January 12th Jake and Andrea – New York, NY “It definitely revived my faith and desire to be close to God”

Him: My overall impression with the class was very eye opening, I believe through the class we are challenged a lot and we have grown closer to God and to each other because of it.
Her:I thought the class was really great, it was nice having one-on-one personal feedback from our instructors and I really felt like it brought me closer to my future spouse and to God. I also feel like I learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful and meaningful marriage.
Both:It opened our minds to be more accepting of each other and it made our foundation as a couple even stronger. We definitely plan to practice active listening and try to avoid blame when speaking with each other, and just continue to be open about how we are feeling on a daily basis.