April 24th John and Maryclaire- Norwich,CT “I really appreciated the flexibility of the online program and the detail that each answer key prxovided.”

Him: Overall I found the marriage prep to be very informational and fulfilling. I was not expecting so many subject areas to be covered. Most of the assignments triggered some really detailed conversation between Maryclaire and I, and we were able to really appreciate areas where we agreed and talk through areas where there may have been disagreement.
Her: This preparation was very thorough and comprehensive, and allowed us to grow together as a couple to prepare for our marriage. I thought that the majority of the assignments were applicable to many aspects of marriage and that the answer keys were helpful in providing clarification, further explanation, and reference material.
Both: The course improved our communication because it allowed us to speak about subjects that we don't normally discuss, however which are very important to talk about regularly. While we regularly agreed on many subjects covered in the course, when there were disagreements, we were able to talk through them effectively and respect each other's thoughts and opinions.

April 25th Ian and Katherine- Military Diocese “It brought Ian and I closer because it gave us set times to sit down and talk about our faith and our marriage.”

Him: It helped spark a bigger desire for our union to follow God's will. We already both wanted to follow His will individually but didn't think of how to do it as a newly formed single soul.
Her: Overall, I am glad that the church requires this. I wish all marriages were prefaced with preparation like this. I think the class prepares couples as well as reminds them that marriage is a serious long term commitment.It just made me re-think why I was confirmed and consider the hard topics again in the scope of actually encountering those obstacles with my partner. I think that made my faith stronger and feel better about going to mass knowing I was still asking myself the hard questions.
Both: The course had us specifically confront issues we rarely discuss with the quizzes. Additionally because of physical separation it helped make us plan and manage time to talk about the marriage and finishing the class.

April 26th Ryan and Alaina – Alexandria, LA “It made me want to dig deeper into certain aspects of the Church.”

Him: I appreciated the NFP the most because it showed that we don't need birth control to be able to plan when we want to have more children.
Her: I think this prep was very helpful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses in this relationship. It will help me grow in the right areas. I appreciated that some questions had a his/her answer because we don't think the same, so it was nice to get to have both of our views/opinions expressed.
Both: Communication is a constant work in progress.

April 27th Mark and Megan- Denver, CO “It provided some useful topics for conversation.”

Him: Overall I thought that this prep course asked some good questions that allowed Megan and I to engage in some important conversations in preparation for our marriage.It was a good opportunity to remove ourselves from the stress of normal life, and focus on each other and our relationship in a deliberate and focused way.
Her: I appreciated having focused conversations about our upcoming marriage in conjunction with Church teachings, especially since Mark did not grow up in the Catholic Church and provided an opportunity for me to explain aspects of the Church and its teachings to him.
Both: It helped demonstrate the role that God's love can and should play in a marriage.

April 28th Robert and Christine- Atlanta, GA “I liked hearing a Catholic perspective especially on the sacramental side of marriage as a covenant.”

Him: For an online distance, I thought it very well organized and I found our instructors to give us excellent perspective on Catholic marriage.
Her: It was well organized. I wish the questions dove into marriage complications more and made the assignments a little more fun to complete. I understand not all content will be exciting but it was a little difficult to get through at times and unapproachable (i.e. NFP. I think as well as preparing for the trials ahead, it is equally important to bask in the good of God's glory and the excitement of the times to come.
Both: It allowed us to talk about very specific yet a narrow range of topics many applicable to the church.