December 7th, Noel and Gina, Sacramento, CA:  "I made the decision to convert and confirm myself as Catholic."
Him: "It was a great time to reflect and understand that marriage is more than a get together of friends and family. We learned so much more that we originally intended I appreciated the forgiveness cards, it prepares us for a reality of marriage that things are not always perfect."
 "It allowed us to learn about the intentions of marriage within the Church and with God. I made the decision to convert and confirm myself as Catholic because I wanted to be a part of his faith and grow our marriage on the foundation of the Church
Both: "It allowed us discussion on things that we have not talked about before, things that we have assumed in the past are made known and that is important for the course but more for our marriage."

December 8th, Dan and Jill, Atlanta, GA : "This preparation inspired healthy conversations and bonding."
Him: "I enjoyed the variety of assignments in the prep class. This preparation inspired healthy conversations and bonding between Jillian and I. I was also able to look deeper into many readings and teachings from the bible. I loved the 'his' and 'her' question and answer portions provided the most insight into how we think individually. " 
Her: "It was a thorough progression to prepare for the sacrament of marriage. Brought up a lot of food for thought and discussions. I loved the time that was carved out to take the class together and the discussions that arose."
Their parish plans: "To make an effort to more fully understand the catholic teachings and solidify my faith. Getting involved with stewardship, tithing and making weekly mass a priority."

December 9th, Chris and Nica, Houston TX: "It was so refreshing to experience the love and care of another couple whom we had never met to assist us."
His: "Although we are currently separated by nearly 9,000 miles, I felt that we were presented very pertinent case studies in our faith, and also were able to role-play real-life situations that may present themselves during our marriage."
Her: "I am very impressed with how the class was structured. When we received the first assignment, we thought that moving on with the class would be a daunting task considering the length of that first one. But honestly, it wasn't, and building up the questions and the assignments the way they did all makes sense. In every new assignment we took, we realize how important the knowledge and wisdom we took from the previous assignments were, and how these are all important for us to prepare for our marriage."
Both: "The addition of the multi-step online Catholic Marriage preparation process enhanced our daily discussions with one another, and truly assisted us in our continued discussions about ourselves, our faith, and our family. In our busy day-to-day lives, it was so refreshing to experience the love and care of another couple whom we had never met to assist us in preparing for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony."

December 10th, John and Lara, Louisiana: "This class gave me a push to work even harder with my relationship with Christ."
His: "It exceeded our expectations in helping us prepare for marriage. I appreciated the 7th session the most about forgiveness. It is hard for me to accept failure in life."
Her: "I really enjoyed the class. It gave us time to really talk and to get to know each other even more. I appreciated the 8th session most, the tools for marriage. I often struggle with expressing my feelings and the 'I-message' portion really helped. I struggle sometimes with my relationship with Christ and this class gave me a push to work even harder with my relationship with Christ."
Both: "We plan on being Eucharistic Ministers and lectors. We are now able to be much more open in sharing feeling and expressing in a productive way our concerns." 

December 11th, Nathan and Abigail, Graham, TX: "I didn't think an online class would be this in depth."
His: "I was impressed because I didn't think an online class would be this in depth. I really enjoyed the feedback that our instructors provided. This was a very great learning experience. 
It exceeded my expectations. I was a lot more informative and enjoyable than what I had expected. It revived my want to be closer to God. It taught me that God always has to come first no matter the situation." 
Her: "It brought us closer to each other and closer to God. It has helped us pray more together and has taught us a lot. I really appreciate the feedback from our instructors. I also really enjoyed writing the love letters and overall this prep was great."
Both: "Before this we didn't have very good communication. After going through each lesson we felt our communication get better. We learned each other’s needs and learned how important it is to communicate about everything."