July 1st Andrew and Meredith – Denver, CO
“The course showed me the love God has for us and how sacred our marriage is.”

Him:The course gave me a good insight into what it means to be a strong, Christian husband and father and the challenges I will be met with during my marriage.

Her: The guidance and direction of the course, alongside the instructor’s responses, really helped us grow closer together spiritually.

BothThis course provided great scripture, reference, and insight into the issues, benefits, challenges, and joys in a Christian marriage.


July 2nd Daniel and Maggie – Denver, CO
“This course has a lot of information in it.”

Him:It was a great way to bring us together and communicate about things we have never discussed before. I did not expect the class to involve so many deep questions that made me actually sit for a while and think about but I am very glad it did.

Her:  I appreciated the amount of time and energy our instructors put into the answer keys. All of the time it took to write out all the information was very personal and showed how invested they were in our marriage.

Both: The course was a great way to bring us together and communicate about things we have never discussed before.


July 3rd Donghua and Olivia – New York, NY
“The course has given us time to get to know each other more.”

Him:  We have learned new things that we had no idea about, we gained a lot of knowledge and we learned ways to solve solutions in our relationship. 

Her: I appreciated to spend time with my spouse and getting to know each other spiritually.

BothThis course has opened our minds more to what God has for us in his plans and that there are so many ways to fix our problems. 


July 4th JC and Trisha – Washington, DC
“The course is a great foundation for marriage.”

Him:It was amazing the amount of knowledge that was given to us.

Her:  It was incredible to be able to learn and read so many great articles that will lead our marriage to be strong. This is a great foundation.

Bothwe learned that communication alone is not the only problem. We need to be able to work with each other if things happen.


July 5th Juan and Leidy – Boston, MA
“It was nice to see how we can apply our faith to this new chapter of our lives.”

Him:  I appreciated the answer keys by the instructors - they provided great guidance! 

Her: I like that the course was at your own pace and it touched in depth all aspects of marriage; instructors provided lots of feedback and were very quick on responses.

Both:  The course really pushed us to think in depth, to go past surface answer and into in depth dialogue.