December 17th Pat and Sarah – Norwich, CT
“I feel the course prepared me for our life together outside of simply our wedding day.”

Him: The videos, presentations etc. that accompanied much of the content was useful and kept the courses fresh.

Her(The instructors) provided incredibly elaborate and thoughtful answer keys for us, which were most appreciated.

Both This course improved on our communication because we were put into the position to discuss themes that we have not explicitly discussed in such depth and concurrently with specific resources and guidance at our disposal.

December 18th Ishan and Kaitlin – Arlington, VA
“The course was an excellent reminder of what it means to enter into Holy Matrimony.”

Him: I really enjoyed this course as it allowed me to grow closer with Kaitlin and learn more about Catholicism.

HerThe courserefreshed my Catholic understanding of marriage and helped us to communicate.

Both: (The course) improved our communication and identified areas where we had not thought to have important discussions and reminded us that communication is ongoing.

December 19th Tyler and Jessica – Buffalo, NY
“It was an enlightening course with much to offer couples.”

HimI was pleasantly surprised with the rapid and helpful feedback from our instructors.

HerI appreciated the fact that we thoroughly read through parts of the Bible and discussed topics that are more modern to our times as well.

BothThe course helped with our connection to the Church and each other.

December 20th Keith and Phoebe – Miami, FL
“I was pleased that we were able to do this with our long distance relationship.”

Him: I enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss topics as a couple that we may not have considered previously.

HerI appreciated getting the opportunity to discuss where we were on our spiritual journeys.

BothThrough the course we touched on topics that we would not have done otherwise, or been comfortable with.

December 21st Eugene and Joan – Atlanta, GA
“We were able to come to a deeper understanding on how we both feel about certain subjects.”

Him:  I found the assignments to be very spirit filled and informative on what married couples should consider and how they should act when getting married.

Her The courses helped me to remember the precepts of the church and ways to apply them to my everyday life and my relationship.

BothWe really like the videos that helped to explain somethings better than just put in word form.