April 17th Shannon and Alexandra- Tulsa, OK ” I appreciated the amount of time & thought our instructors put into this prep with us”

Him: I thought it covered all great subjects, even many subjects that most aren't comfortable bringing up. I thought this was an amazing prep and our instructors were incredible and took their time to express their opinions and help guide us in the right way when needed.  I was very happy with this.
Her: Great! The instructors were very helpful and awesome. We really learned a lot and grew from this experience.

Both:  It helped us to understand each other and how to approach one another with the problem at hand or to understand where the other one is coming from & what their intentions may or may not have been. By giving us the tools to problem solve we can work together to reach a common goal. It helps us to improve and individuals to become stronger as one.  Communication is key to everything in life.

April 18th Vincent and Lisa- Denver, CO “It revived my faith by giving us special time to pause and have a conversation about God.”
Him: Great review and insights into some of the key challenges and opportunities that we have to look forward to. Good balance of both scripture and other interesting sources.

Her: It was very thorough and informative, and also provided lots of practical tools. It helped me to delve into elements of Catholic spirituality that I had not considered, and gave me impetus to deepen my spiritual practices.
Both: We were glad that we were able to complete the course at a self-pace, because it gave us lots of time to discuss all of the issues that came up during the lessons. I think our communication will be better because of this course.

April 19th Ryan and Alaina – Seattle, WA “I would definitely recommend this course to other engaged couples who are planning for the sacrament of marriage.”
Him: The course definitely met my expectation and, like I said previously I think it not only strengthened my relationship with Alaina, but with God as well. I expected to have very difficult conversations with Alaina and we did. I expected to learn a lot about the Catholic faith and I did. What I did not expect was to learn so much about myself. This course exceeded expectations I think, and thank you.

Her: I appreciated this preparation course! It allowed us to gain insight into the sacrament of marriage, helped us to facilitate conversations to grow closer to God and each other, and offered us the flexibility to communicate with our instructors at our own pace. I would definitely recommend this course to other engaged couples who are planning for the sacrament of marriage.
Both: We were able to have more open lines of communication, discussing some hard topics. This course allowed us to become much closer and learn to communicate more effectively.

April 20th Richard and Elizabeth- New Orleans, LA “This course and our instructors were great and we couldn't be more pleased with how the process played out!”
Him: I found this course to be very beneficial to Liz and I opening up to discussions we had not approached before and it presented a new view on things for us both.  It also helped change some behaviors, yet reinforce others, which was a good feeling!  Overall, I feel closer to Liz and our relationship together with God is much better!
Her: It was an extensive experience but one that was much appreciated. I feel overall better about our marriage in God's eyes now. With all of the planning that is involved with a wedding you can lose focus on what's most important and the true outcome of everything. This helped me refocus and remember what our end goal is and what marriage and our wedding day is truly about. 

Both: This greatly improved our communication and allowed us to look into different areas of our relationship that we hadn't talked about before. It improved how we communicate but also what we communicate about and it has been an enlightening experience.

April 21st Alexander and Lisa- Denver, CO “The course revived and renewed my desire to get closer to God and The Church.”

Him: I though this course was a good reminder of our Catholic Faith and really got us talking about some issues that might come up for us as a married couple. Some of the issues, even though we have been together for a very long time, we have not discussed this directly before.

Her: I found this prep very beneficial. It gave Alex and I the opportunity to discuss topics that we haven't talked about and learn more about the Sacrament of Marriage. It did meet my expectations. Not only was I able to learn more about Alex, I also learned more about what we can expect in Marriage and how to handle situations.

Both: The course allowed us to talk about topics that might be a little awkward to discuss as a dating couple but need to be discussed before marriage. We were able to talk about forgiveness, God's plan for us, our conscience, natural family planning, and relationship tools. We also found it very beneficial to discuss road blocks that we might face once married.