June 25th Matthew and Emma – Halifax-Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  “I appreciated the responses, they were helpful to us.”

Him:It was interesting for us. we are in the process of growing in/out faith together so some of the biblical questions we found challenging. but we spent that time doing research and calling the in-laws for discussions as well.
Her: We enjoyed it and found it helpful in general. Some of the questions we found very philosophical which weren’t always applicable we found to marriage prep but many of the questions did spark discussions which was helpful.
Both:We've always been very open with each other but this course has sparked some conversations we have never had before and without the course might have never had. It will definitely help our marriage process and we are so so thankful and grateful for this opportunity.

June 26th John and Bridget – Colorado Springs, CO “I loved writing the love letters!”

Him:It was so great to do this at our own convenience and also really made us talk and reflect together which was so great!
Her:It was so fun and meaningful. We talked about tons of important things. It was so great that we could do it on our own schedule.
Both:We had to talk about everything! And it opened the door to talk about more!

June 27th Lincoln and Kelley – Military Diocese “It encouraged me to read the bible more.”

Him:The convenience of the online marriage prep course made it easy for us to complete the assignments while we were long distant. I did not have many expectations from the start of the course, but I am actually pleased with the journey Kelley and I had. I did not feel too pressured while we completed each assignment. That was something I was hesitant about.
Her:It was excellent, and not only did I learn about what it takes to be successful in my marriage but also I learned more about my partner. I went into the prep not knowing what to expect. I enjoyed every minute of it. [I enjoyed]The love letters. It meant so much to me to hear such kind words from Lincoln and to see where he was during the journey and how at times we felt similar things along the way.
Both:The marriage prep created an open space for us to communicate our feelings and where we stood on current topics. Despite disagreements, we were still able to overcome those obstacles and come to a compromise and an understanding of each other.

June 28th Ryan and Alyssa – Sacramento, CA “It did revive my desire to get closer to God.”

Him:I really enjoyed learning about the teachings of this class in regards to marriage.  I've learned about the teachings of other Sacraments, and now it is time to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony.  I believe each course had great verses and scriptures to give examples to the questions.  I learned a lot from your guys' feedback, input and advice.  I definitely plan on utilizing the tools that I've learned from this class.
Her:It was very informing to learn about marriage through Christ.  I believe it definitely taught me how to look at marriage differently (in a positive way) and how to build a strong marriage with Christ.  It was good to read the feedback from you guys (the instructors), who have been through obstacles and know God will always be there through everything.
Both:Yes it did allow us to communicate better.  Some of the topics provided made us discuss it.  If the topics weren’t provided, it would be rare that we would talk about it.  Since there were sections where he and she would provide our own answers, afterwards we would discuss why we felt that way.  In turn, our communication skills became better and talked about these topics more in depth. It was definitely a wonderful, meaningful, insightful, exciting journey for us.  This class is something we will keep in our minds and we are excited to continue our journey and get married.  Thank you!

June 29th Christopher and Sarah – Venice, FL “It has taught me that no matter what, if we keep God first and center, our marriage will flourish in the way he wants.”

Him: I enjoyed the process.  It was an eye opener for me and our relationship - in a positive way, of course.  I learned a lot about Sarah in the process. I appreciated the openness I felt with Sarah.  We both had certain expectations when we started this journey and I believe they were fulfilled. I appreciated Sarah's willingness to be honest and open with me, even if it was something tough to talk about between couples. 
Her:I thought this prep was a great way for us to open up to one another and continue to share and grow in our faith together. I appreciated Chris' willingness to participate alongside me in this journey.  Chris is a quiet soul, so it was really fun to see him open up and get into the exercises. 
Both:This prep improved our overall communication by teaching us to actively listen to one another instead of just listening to reply.  Oftentimes, we get caught up in ourselves and do not take the time we need to listen and better understand the other which in turns helps us to grow and progress in a positive direction.  We took a lot from the communication chapter and hope to be great examples for our children someday.