August 28th George and Katie – San Francisco, CA“The course made us really learn and understand the Church's and God's teaching around marriage more clearly”

Him: I felt the marriage preparation course was very helpful and insightful on allowing us to understand and more clearly learn about the God and the Church's teaching on marriage. Additionally, the course facilitated important conversations on marriage, faith, and religion which have been very helpful in our communication leading up to our marriage.
Her: I felt that it was well-round and extensive; it really encapsulated many different aspects of marriage and faith. It encouraged us to have important discussion and think about many different facets of marriage and religion.
Both: The course very actively brought up numerous topics and asked us to be reflective about them and talk about them, so it helped us get into a regular pattern of talking about and addressing a wide variety of things that will be important in our marriage. It gave us more practice in communication which naturally improved our communication throughout the course.

August 29th Levi and Erin – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “I appreciated how every lesson had such a strong tie to God and the church.”

Him: This course provided a great background on the sacrament of marriage and provided us with helpful information that we can use in our married life together. I did however, feel that some of the questions were worded in a way that made them difficult to interpret.
Her: I was pleased with the course. It was a beautiful reminder of the meaning and holiness of marriage and I feel that we will be able to work together using the tools and resources provided to have a successful marriage.
Both: By having us both provide individual answers to questions it got us thinking individually which allowed for great discussions between us. In addition, the scenarios presented to solve problems got us to work together to decide on a fair resolution. Both of these skills have since helped us in communicating with each other, especially regarding difficult matters.

August 30th Logan and Holly – Sacramento, CA “It was truly enlightening and I really enjoyed the practices.”

Him: I have learned a lot of new things that have inspired me. Also, I have been enlightened in a lot of areas that I have been taught before. Overall, I would say that this course has been one of the best things I've done in a while. It has already proven to strengthen our relationship.
Her: It revived my faith because it brought me back to my roots, I have drifted a little and completing this corse reminded me why I enjoyed practicing and brought my closer to Logan.
Both: It asked questions that made us really go in-depth with the meaning and it was impossible not to communicate more than we normally do.

August 31st Ryan and Carrie – St. Joseph, MO “It definitely made me more conscious of how big a part religion plays in a marriage.”

Him: I enjoyed this. It causes you to think critically and really challenges you to think about the future. I know that Carrie and I will be better off as a result of, completing this course and I cannot WAIT to see what the future holds between us. I think that if we keep the fundamentals in our eyesight and don’t let the little things get in the way, we will be absolutely fine.
Her: I loved it. After talking to friends who have gone through this in other ways, I really believe we got more out of it than they did. We were able to talk things through and it gave us some serious conversation topics to discuss. Ultimately it made us feel closer to one another and closer together in our faith. [Our instructors] were fantastic.
Both:It allowed us to address the important subjects that surround us as a couple, and ultimately marriage. We were able to separately complete portions of each assignment and then come back to talk about what we thought about the questions. We think this will prove to be beneficial as we grow as a couple in the Catholic Church.

September 1st Dan and Ashley – Washington, DC “By going through this preparation, it reminded me that God should come first in all my relationships”

Him: I am very glad to have done this prep. It allowed us to discuss important topics that we will most certainly encounter as a married couple. It made us realize what is important in a relationship and how to keep that relationship strong, especially when there are difficult times.
Her: I thought it was a good marriage preparation course. It covered a variety of topics relating to our marriage and I would recommend it to others thinking about getting married in the Catholic Church. I liked the fact that it asked us to open our hearts and kind of lay them bare to each other.  We had to take a serious look at what we wanted and that's what a good course should do for marriage preparation.
Both:This certainly helped to improve our communication. These are topics that sometimes couples can feel uncomfortable talking about, and it forced us to meet those issues. Having talked through some very important things, we realized that we are becoming even closer to one another and with God.