July 18th Austin and Starla- Fort Collins, CO “The instructors helped open my eyes to many things.”
Him: I really enjoyed it and felt that I learned a ton! I really loved how all of it was related to the Bible. Reading the passages and learning the way the Sacraments came to be and the rules behind it was so enjoyable to learn. The instructors gave me an eye opening view to read the Bible and interpreted what I was reading. I very much enjoyed their feedback.
Her: It was an incredible experience. The instructors helped open my eyes to many things. I am extremely grateful for this prep class.
Both: We both grew closer to God and have learned new ways to communicate to each other. Thank you so much and God bless!

July 19th Steven and Kathryn- Atlanta, GA “I really appreciated the learning experience as a non-Catholic Christian.”
 I thought it was very helpful and presented marriage in a different light then I had thought of it before. I really appreciated the learning experience as a non-Catholic Christian. 
Her: This preparation met and went above my expectations. We were struggling to find mentors who we could work with in person. We were very happy that our course instructors were able to provide us with the same experience from afar. Their thoughtful responses really made us think. We were able to expand our faith knowledge and our love for each other. We are very grateful for this experience! 
Both: It greatly improved our communication and we are so appreciative for it. We were also able to openly communicate about our faith which is invaluable. Thank you for assisting us with that! 

July 20th Alexander and Catherine- Front Royal, VA   "This was such a rewarding and bonding experience”
 I found it to be very helpful and strongly based in Church teachings. It was also practical and incorporated many different sources, from saints to science to literature and economics. I found it very enriching and enlightening. I really loved the emphasis on holiness and prayer and also the attention to roles between men and women. It was also very nice to have the encouragement of our instructors and their personal story.
Her: It was really great and theological. Very helpful! It was beautiful and made me ponder on how marriage is a sacrament and deeply meaningful. It has brought us closer to God.
Both: This was such a rewarding and bonding experience and it is good to know that we are not alone and have a community to support us.

July 21st Daniel and Christina- Lutz, FL  This course renewed my desire to get closer to God”
This course renewed my desire to get closer to God because it reminded me to love God, and not to fear him. I tend to be hard on myself, but this course reminded me that through reconciliation and communion we can grow closer to Him.
Her: I truly enjoyed this preparation course because it touched on a lot of important topics that should be discussed before marriage. I think it really opened my eyes and answered a lot of questions about the Church's teachings. I also learned a lot about myself and fiancé throughout the process. 
Both: Thank you so much for allowing us to grow individually and together as a couple! We have been truly blessed with this opportunity.

July 22nd Alec and Taylor- Grand Rapids, MI It was amazing being able to share this experience with my fiancée while I'm away in the military.”
Him: It was amazing being able to share this experience with my fiancée and to do it while I’m away in the military. 
Her: I thought this class was very useful in preparing us for marriage. Being a non-Catholic, this course really taught me much more than I had ever known before and actually makes me more excited to convert someday in the near future. 
Both: It taught us about forgiveness and also made both of us want to pray together instead of separately.  Wonderful course!