February 27th Joshua and Jovannah- Atlanta,GA “It made me want to become closer to God in order to become a holier husband to my fiancée.”
Him: I thought it was very solid and educational.  It is hard to find good/faithful marriage prep programs these days, so having this online program was a nice little blessing.
Her: I enjoyed it and thought it was very informational. I enjoyed all of the additional videos and excerpts from writers and saints. It brought lot of questions to my mind that I wouldn't have otherwise thought about and it has made me ponder more in depth. I appreciated how broad the program was as a whole because we covered so many different topics.
Both: It made us discuss topics we may not have covered before.

February 29th Cody and Sarah- Atlanta, GA  “I did not know that I would enjoy the work and get so much from it, but I really did.”
Him: I liked this prep. I think it started some conversations that were necessary prior to engaging in marriage and gave us some great tips for communications and incorporating God into our marriage. I appreciated first the convenience of the online course. With Sarah and I living in 2 different states, committing to a weekend is difficult with our jobs. However, this relieved some stress because we could complete the work in our own homes and it really helped us begin some conversations.
Her: I appreciated how fun this work was. It was more enjoyable too because Cody enjoyed it. I thought the feedback was honest and helpful. Sometimes my answers were a little off and the feedback was great.
Both: Incorporating God into our weekly conversations because we were doing this course made the conversations and the idea of God being a part of our normal life just that-normal.

March  1st Rodrick and Catherine- Oakland, CA  “What I received from this course was a closer connection with my husband with God and a better understanding of marriage.”
Him:I am overall impressed with this course.  I believe that it gave easy to understand methods and teachings of God. I appreciate the time and effort put in by our instructors.  Their responses were very easy to follow and connect with.
Her:I appreciate the answer keys the most.  My husband and I would discuss the question and provide our own answers before collaborating and creating it into one.  The instructor couple would expand on the answers we gave and provide personal experiences.  This helped my husband and I learn more about what we thought we had learned.
Both: I believe it improved our communication because some of the things we learned during this course.  Some of the activities involved us discussing our opinions and answers to include topics we've haven't particularly discussed before.  We were able to discuss and communicate our own points of view.

March 2nf Sung-Min and Dalrae- New York, NY  “It gave a need to think about how much I know about Catholic faith and encouraged me to find out more about it
Him: It was very thorough and detailed.  When I first started I thought that I would be briefly educated, but I was surprised by the huge amount of material and well written feedback from our instructors. I should say it exceed my expectation and provided me with good amount of knowledge in preparation for my wedding and in having an idea about how to overcome difficulties I may face.
Her: Questions asked us to think deeply about our future as a married couple and feedbacks were also helpful in reviewing the teachings. I appreciate that I was given an opportunity to explore Catholic faith and understand how Sung-min practices his religion.
Both: We were able to discuss things like contraception and abstinence, things that we otherwise would have had difficulties in bringing up the subject.   Further, we recognized the importance in being honest and hearing each other constantly.

March 3rd Cody and Paige- Sioux City, IA  “I have realized that marriage is more about you as a couple, working together, and letting God into your marriage though mind, body, and soul to let him guide you.”
Him: I thought it was useful and made us think about somethings we may not have before this marriage prep, and that keeping God at the center of our lives is the most important thing.
Her: It made me closer to God because it made me realize that no matter what my future husband and I go through God is always there to listen and help us work through the good times and the bad.
Both: It improved our communication because it caused us to talk about how we both think differently, and through Good Communication we figured out a compromise.