December 25th Jesse and Sydney – Sioux City, IA“It helped strengthen our relationship and prepared us for trials that we may face.”

Him:This prep has given us the tools and information that will help us to have a strong and healthy marriage. I appreciated the assignments that triggered discussion between us about things we wouldn't have thought to talk about. It showed the importance of faith and God within a marriage, and makes me want to work harder on my faith in order to have a strong, happy, and healthy marriage. 
Her: I think that this course has opened our eyes to what marriage is about, and given us ways that we can strengthen our marriage and relationship with God at the center. It made me realize that marriage is not only for myself, but also a promise to God which makes me want to work harder for Him. 
Both: It encouraged discussion about difficult topics that we were able to share our thoughts and feelings on. 

December 26th Chris and Rachel – Atlanta, GA “It revived my faith because it spurred us to talk about topics related to our faith more in depth.”

Him:This preparation did a great job of covering all the basics of what marriage is and is not. It did a great job especially of encouraging communication and mutual prayer for and with Rachel. I was challenged to grow in my relationship with Rachel and so I believe my expectations were met.
Her:Overall, I feel that this started good discussion topics between Chris and me. Several topics were brought up and considered that we had not previously talked about. I do think that this is a good marriage prep tool. I appreciated the encouragement at the beginning of each assignment to pray with Chris. This time with Chris put us in the right mindset and brought us closer to God together.
Both:This course improved our communication by motivating us to talk about we how to participate in our spiritual lives together as a couple. We think transitioning our spirituality to a mode of experience conducive to marriage is tricky and this has been a magnificent tool.

December 27th Casey and Hannah – Fort Worth, TX “This class revived my faith by helping me learn how to talk about my `faith and my relationship with God.”

Him:This prep helped us communicate to one another on different levels.  Also, it helped us prepare for our marriage and what we expect from one another. I believe we met our expectations and went beyond what we thought we would originally get out of these prep sessions.
Her: This prep helped our relationship grow.  We were able to sit down together and have conversations we hadn't had before. I loved getting love letters.  I think that it's easy to forget to express how much we love each other. The love letters were a special gift that I will keep.
Both: This definitely helped us improve our communication! We have learned to talk to one another about hard topics and more importantly listen!

December 28th Michael and Julianna – Atlanta, GA “The course was much more thorough than expected.”

Him:What I really enjoyed most was the thorough feedback received from [our instructors], and it was always personal. Sometimes I wondered how they tailored their answers for each couple, but it was obvious they spent time tailoring for the individual couple. If def made me think deeper about my spiritual life, and how I can be a better man for Julianna. It made me want to get more involved in the church and refocus my spiritual life around God and Jesus. 
Her:The course made me dig deeper into my faith, more so than I've needed to since being confirmed. The course brought up several points, areas of focus, that Michael and I need to work on. It most certainly met my expectations. We discussed things we'd previously not. In terms of faith, I need to be more proactive.
Both:We both have always been very open with each other, but the course has def forced us to talk about topics we had not before. 

December 29th Tony and Shruti – Kamloops, British Columbia “I appreciate how deep this course made me think about the future and a married life.”

Him:It was really helpful and knowledgeable. It widened my thoughts about marriage life. I understand marriage is much more than what I was thinking.
Her:This course has given me a lot of knowledge about almost all aspects of married life. It helped me prepare for the problems which can arise in our future life and now I know how to tackle it.I appreciate the feedback after the assignment was done. we got to learn more from those feed backs. Also, the part which helps us foresee the issues which can arise in a married life and how to tackle it.
Both:This course helped us to think deep about the future which we never thought about before. It was really helpful as we are prepared to face all those issues now.