September 14th, Seun and Njide, Nigeria: "Able to discuss serious issues"
His:  "prior to the counseling I was semi active in the church now I’m more active in the church and I‘m now attending catechism classes."
Her:  “I appreciated the fact that my fiance decided to be catholic."
Both:  "It was great and enlightening. We appreciated the fact that we were able to discuss serious issues."

September 15th, Juan and Amber, NM: "It made for great talks"
His :"It was put together very well. It was easy to follow and access guides. It did bring up great opinions. I enjoyed very much the discussions that it created. It made for great talks. The desire was there it helped me refocus on the church."
Her: “It was very good. I was able to discuss things about our marriage that may have not have been discussed otherwise. It was a great class and we had great sponsors. I want to help out with parents’ events at the parish."
Both: "It opened up discussions that had meaning to them. It allowed us to freely talk about situations and how we would handle them if they arise. It was great to have positive feedback from our coaches. They had great comments."

September 16th, Rven and Rowena, AL: "We could give our honest opinion and not be judged"
His:"I think we have a greater understanding of our religion with explanations behind it. When I was growing up, I was discouraged to ask "Why" and always had to just accept whatever I was told. In this case, I felt more comfortable to ask why, but I liked how I was given the information/tools to find the answers for myself."
Her: I feel it surpassed my expectations because there were also practical aspects of it like communication which is a big component. It felt like we were truly growing as we went through the course and I felt I was accepted even though I was still in the learning process. Also, I think it just created more dialogue between the two us that would never have occurred for us either because the thought never crossed our minds or a sensitive topic.
Both: "We appreciated very much the mentors' honest opinion. We appreciated that they shared the Church's view, their view, and still acknowledged our opinion. We felt we could give our honest opinion and not be judged."

September 17th, Evan and Ariel, Ohio: "It caused fights and forgiveness, deep thoughts and feelings but in the end we are now communicating better."
His:"I really had to open my mind on some topics. Definitely made me challenge parts of my faith. It made me more confident in my future with my spouse." 
“It initiated interesting conversations, ones we have never had. Yes, it went above and beyond my expectations. Our instructors were sweet and detailed.
Both: "It caused fights and forgiveness, deep thoughts and feelings but in the end we are now communicating better."
Thank you to our wonderful instructors for their time and insight! We are actively joining a new parish upon arriving home from honeymoon."

September 18th, Peter and Kelly, Wisconsin: "Learning things about Catholicism that I never knew before."
His: "I'm Lutheran by practice, so it's very interesting to dive into a different form of Christianity that my soon-to-be wife was raised around. What I appreciated the most was learning things about Catholicism that I never knew before."
Her: "Making sure we have an understanding of what marriage really means according to the Catholic faith. It definitely taught me a lot. There was a lot I didn't know about the Catholic faith. And I learned a lot about contraception and the effect it's really had on society. I am looking much more forward to raising our children under the catholic faith. I'm excited about a lot of the morals Catholicism instills in young people to help them grow into good people.'
Both: "We've never really "talked religion" before. We were both baptized and confirmed, but aren't avidly practicing our religion. It allows us to see a new perspective on something. We definitely need to make more time for activity within the church."