January 9th Patrick and Jaclyn- Toronto,CA “It provided us with a sense of focus and synchrony with regard to our love with one another and the valuable role that God and the Church can play in our marriage.”
Him: This prep course was fantastic. It helped us develop a greater appreciation of our love for each other but also the importance of Christ in our relationship and with our family and friends.
Her: It has revived our love and reasons why are excited to continue supporting and loving each other through marriage. It has also helped us with ways in which we can immerse ourselves and our families in God's love.
Both: We continue to be open, honest, and truthful in our communications with each other. We have strengthened our understanding of each other's desires and goals in life and in marriage.

January 10th  Joshua and Amanda- Denver, CO “Learning how Christ will play a role in our marriage was so uplifting.”
Him: The closeness that it brought to our marriage, not that we were necessarily struggling but it brought us closer together to go through all of the lessons and learn how include God as a part of our marriage.
Her: Loved that it could be done on our time and schedule! The flexibility of the class is so great! Loved the content and the conversations that it invoked as well as learning the role that Christ and the church will play in our marriage. The resources and lessons were so informational for me as well, I am currently working through RCIA to become Catholic so a lot of teachings were new to me and I loved learning more about how the Church views marriage.
Both: Many of the questions allowed us to have very constructive conversation regarding the issues and questions, we never argued about a difference of opinion. Because of the openness going into it we were both very willing to hear each other's opinions.

January 11th Arie and Kristen- Venice, FL  “I appreciated most about the information given on contraception and Natural Family Planning.”
Him: Learning more in depth about the Sacrament of Marriage and NFP. It allowed me to learn more about what God really wants for a couple joined together in the Sacrament of Marriage. Also, in regards to NFP, it showed me a way that I can be involved planning our family a safe and effective way without bringing harm to my wife.
Her: It has shown me to trust God more - that He will provide. It has also shown me ways on how to place Christ at the core of our marriage and to really appreciate the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Both: It brought about topics that we haven't discussed before and allowed us to learn how we each felt about these topics.

January 12th Juan and Ashley- Austin, TX  “It allowed me and allows me to continue to explore my faith.
Him: The feedback. It was honest and real. It made you feel like the couple was there with you, talking.It inspired me to make a bigger commitment to my faith and following God's way.
Her: Yes, I didn't know what to expect at first. I thought at one end that maybe it would just be readings and answers, and then on the other end, a lot of face to face time. I liked the in between that the course offered.
Both: It allowed us to set aside time to talk about faith, important issues, and where we stand on certain topics. Sometimes, time just needs to be reserved for such things.

January 13th Daniel and Andrea- Sacramento, CA “It forced us to communicate to each other about topics that we might not have talked about before, very positive and beneficial.”
Him: A very eye opening experience and helped me get a better understanding for my partner and it felt like it was a good first stage to bettering our relationship and communication towards each other.It went from me not really being involved whatsoever to me being more open and trying more faithful things.
Her: I appreciated this experience because it forced us to communicate to each other about topics that we might not have talked about before, very positive and beneficial.
Both: It made us communicate with each other and forced me (Andrea) to say the hard things or things I had been bottling up inside.