February 20th Curtis and Tara- Winona, MN “When we came to a topic we did not completely agree on, it gave us an opportunity to discuss the topic openly.”
Him: It brought to my attention problems that could occur in the future and things we both will need to work on but as long as include God in our marriage he will guide us though any and all struggles.It showed me that we need God everyday in our lives and that I need to make an attempt to bring him closer.
Her: This taught me God has to be present in our marriage and it will be ongoing, and we are not alone. It has made me realize how important God is in a marriage.It revived my faith and it ensured me I mostly make the right choices and I seen some things I could improve on.
Both: During the course it allowed us to discuss topics we hadn't not talked about or at least not talked about in depth.

February 21st Edward and Ruth- Southwark, UK “It remind me of the importance of Marriage and family unity.”
Him: I found it quite enjoyable and very enlightening.  I think we can sometimes forget what's truly important in the planning and build up to a wedding, rather focusing on the guests list, food etc. than what marriage really means to us and that's our bond with each other and Christ.
Her: I found it really interesting and encouraged us to have conversations in depth rather then skirting around it. It has made me more serious about what marriage means to us.
Both: We think it did as it gave us some really good tools to articulate better with each other and also raised some questions that we hadn't broached before (e.g. could we forgive each anything).

February 22nd Timothy and Renee- Lansing, MI “The course reminded me to see the signs of God's existence in our everyday lives, especially in our marriage.”
Him: This prep was a good reminder of a lot of things I've learned over the course of grade school, high school and college at catholic institutions. It serves as a great preparation for what to expect in marriage and how to overcome potential challenges.I appreciated the reminder of God's expectations for marriage and understanding the church's guidelines for healthy marriages.
Her: Overall it was nice to be able to do it on our own time so we could fully discuss the questions and answers and no one was waiting on us or expecting us to finish quicker. It was also nice to receive specific feedback to our answers.
Both: We had to speak about things we hadn't thought about yet and speak of it openly.

February 23rd Jesus and Jessica- Denver, CO “This course did ignite my desire to learn more so that I can live my vocation to the fullest.
Him: I appreciated the part on the formation of conscience. It was not something that I had heard before and the idea of truth versus what I think was very enlightening and makes me want to learn more.
Her: It was very helpful especially working through it together as a couple and alongside of our priest. Your answers were much fuller than our own and along with our priest's comments gave us a much better understanding of Catholic marriage. As we were preparing, I would get very excited about this next step in my faith.
Both: Our communication has always been good, but in relation to what might come up naturally in a conversation. I think this course helped us to talk about subjects we might not have discussed and even in the practice of doing that I think we learned how to communicate better in the future. So I think it gave us valuable tools for communication that we can use for the rest of our lives. Thanks for all of your help and for journeying with us during the course of our marriage preparation.

February 24th Tyler and Catherine-Arlington, VA “It gave me a lot of insight that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten.”
Him: The class renewed my desire to get closer to God by reminding me how spiritual marriage is and how it is supposed to be a relationship with both God and your spouse. Delving more into God's word and his instructions for man and wife allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for marriage. It was also a refreshing reminder to me how divine and pure marriage is, and made me even more excited to marry Catherine.
Her: I enjoyed the prep class - I feel like it reminded Tyler and I about the fact that marriage is a holy sacrament and how having a relationship with God can strengthen the relationship between the two of us.
Both: The course facilitated some discussions that we had never had.