Nov. 30, Sean and Jana, Minnesota“It brought us closer to each other and God.”
Him: “I enjoyed this prep course because it got us talking about the Church and the Bible. I appreciated the feedback from the instructors so we knew what we were and were not getting correct. I plan on attending church regularly with my wife and practice daily prayer. 
Her: I thought this course was helpful because we were able to talk together on our viewpoints and thoughts on different things within the Church and outside the Church. Yes, It help renew my desire to get closer to the Church and God because it helped me realize that no matter how busy our lives are, we can always make time for Christ. 
Both: “We enjoyed this class because it brought us closer to each other and God as a couple and has helped prepare us for our married life together! It helps us better understand each other's opinions and better understand each other.”

December, 1, James and Magda, BC, Canada. “It made me feel closer to my faith and proud to be Catholic.”
Him: “Very well put together. What I enjoyed the most were the forgiveness cards. I realized how much I value all the morale and ideals.”
Her: “It was well organized. It made me feel closer to my faith and proud to be Catholic.
I want to continue going to church and expose our children too.”
Both : ”We really liked the lesson on active listening and had opened up a very deep conversation between the two of us that we are happy we had. We really enjoyed doing this course and the feedback we received from our instructors”

December, 2, James and Brittany, Florida  “The Prep did a great job of spurring communication and discussion between the two of us.”
Him: “The Prep did a great job of spurring communication and discussion between the two of us as we prepare for this journey. I learned about relationships, Christianity and how to cultivate a positive relationship with a family and the church.”
Her: It was very helpful and allowed us to discuss a lot of the issues that may come up in our life together. It was very in depth, covered a lot of different topics. The feedback was well prepared and helpful. It revived my faith by forcing me to think about deeper spiritual concepts that I haven't thought deeply about in a while.
Both:“We are looking forward to not only attending weekly mass but also getting involved in volunteer opportunities within our parish and the community. And by getting us to talk about sometimes difficult topics, it freed us up that we don't have to be afraid of talking about difficult things. Opening us to further discussion. “

December 3, Vincent and  Kristen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  “It made us ask each other some great questions.
Him: “It was great! I appreciated the questions it made us ask each other and where we see ourselves headed because I got realized that while we have grown as a couple she is still very much the strong willed person I fell in love with.”
Her: I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got to sit down with each other every night and really talk. It made us ask each other some great questions. I appreciated the links the most, they made me realize some of the things I can work on as a person to become the best version of myself. I realized how important it will be to have God and the Church in our corner in our times of need.”
Both: “We’ll be continuing to go to weekly masses and donating it made us both being more open to talking about anything.”

December 4, Kevin and Kristine, Garden Grove, California: “It revived my Faith.”
His impression of the prep: “Excellent course, I believe it helped us. The overall intent of the course was most appreciated; it sat us down and had us work through questions. It revived my Faith.”
Her impression of the prep: being busy adults, this course was a tremendous help to our schedules. We worked at our own pace and the material is great. It met my expectations, the course ignited some discussions among us and I thought that it exceeded my expectation. I appreciated most the honest answers we got from each other.” 
Both: “Our take away from the course was that if we have faith and good intentions living as true Christians, we'll be happier as a couple/family.”