October 5th, Nick and Jamy,  Minnesota: Reminding us of the true purpose of our lives and marriage
His: "Very good. It really drove deep discussions. It strengthened my faith by reminding us of the true purpose of our lives and marriage.
Her: "I appreciated especially the guidance we received from our mentor couple. They were very open, and provided such thoughtful responses.
I want to join the same parish, attend mass together, and get to know others in the parish."
Both: "We can't say enough good things about our mentor couple, Karen and Deano Gonzales. Wow, the responses they shared, including their own personal experiences, really made us excited about married life. God's message and marriage purpose shined through them."

October 6th, Salvatore and Angela, San Francisco, CAI want to help in Parish events and fundraisers, go to mass, confession.
His:"Great, I appreciated the easiness of the course, it made me appreciate my faith. I want to go to mass and teach catechesis in my parish."
Her: "User friendly, awesome teachers. Made me excited to begin this new chapter! I want to help in Parish events and fundraisers, go to mass, confession."
Both: "We loved the links. It helped us to be more open and to share our ideas together."

October 7th, Samuel and Florence, SC
I didn't expect it to be this thorough. It was very personal.
His:"It was just what we needed. I could not attend a traditional marriage prep class due to my hectic work schedule and also we had a cross-country move. Although it was all online it was very informative as our instructors drew from their own life and theology. I appreciated that this course was tailored to fit us. I didn't expect it to be this thorough. It was very personal.The thing that really stuck with me is actually the story of Adam and Eve and how it can still apply to modern day times."
Her: "I found this class very insightful, and as just as informative, if not more than if we were in a traditional classroom setting. Also our instructors responded to our homework right away and answered any of our questions in a timely manner."
Both: "We pray that we will continue to grow as a couple and also as a couple with Christ. That he will guide us and protect us."

October 8th, Jayme and Lindsay, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
It exceeded my expectations.
His:"I felt good about this prep. It brought up things in our relationship that we need to continue to work on in the future."
Her: "I enjoyed doing this marriage prep. It taught us a few things about our relationship and helped bring up important topics that we were able to discuss. It exceeded my expectations."  
Both: ''It helped us appreciate each others opinions on several important marriage topics. We were patient with each other and completed the marriage prep as a team by communicating. We truly enjoyed answering all the questions and learning more about ourselves and about you two as well! Thank you so much!"

October 9th, Juwen and Catherine, Atlanta, GeorgiaStraight forward course
His:  "I am a new believer and am still learning/refining my skills in the church therefore this course allowed me to acquire yet another skill set. I want to do more reading of the Scripture, help as a Eucharistic Minister, and possibly choir."
Her: "Straight forward course which allowed us to reflect on our journey to marriage. I appreciated the ability to log on and work through the worksheets as our schedule allowed.
Both: "It allowed us to discuss topics that we have not explored outside of this course such as family planning and life expectations. We want to abstain until our wedding and practice NFP in our married life."