November 9th, Francis and Angeline, Sacramento, CA: "Made me closer to Francis and to God"
His: "I am very impressed with the marriage prep course, I think it definitely brought Angelina and I together and brought God into our lives in a binding way. This course exceeded my expectations, I was cautious that it would not bring us together like an in person class would. Quite the contrary this course was very helpful, gave us plenty to talk about and pray about, and was greatly satisfying."
Her: "This has been an amazing opportunity to connect with Francis and with God. I think it is a well put together program. I also appreciated both of you being so understanding of me not really knowing much about the Catholic faith. I appreciated the fact that taking these courses didn't only make me closer to Francis but made me closer to God. I now have a better understanding of God and his love."
Revived his Faith: "This revived my faith in the sense that I now know more about how God and my marriage are going to be bonded and how to use prayer and the Church to keep my family together."
Revived her Faith: "Taking this course has definitely ignited my desire to get closer to God and the Church. It's such a beautiful feeling having faith in such an incredible power!"

November 10th, Dave and Eva, Bradshaw, Maryland"The class helped us grow as a couple."
His: "This class was very well organized and helped lead me and my fiancée into open and productive discussions about our faith. Yes, overall the class helped us grow as a couple and we feel even more prepared for our marriage. I appreciated the extensive feedback, now we have such a rich library of guidance as a resource. The in depth discussion of the spiritual meaning of marriage inspired me and I'm looking forward to sharing this with Eva."
Her: "I liked how the information was organized into sections that helped me concentrate on a specific area of my faith each time.  The love letters were a special touch, we hadn't written any since the early stages of our relationship and they were so special."
Both: "We were able to combine our religious backgrounds and together we established a foundation faith for our marriage."

November 11th, Sean and Laura, Roswell, Georgia  "I have thought about joining the Knights of Columbus as my Dad."
His: "There were a lot of topics brought up that I hope we can use ourselves to better our marriage down the road. It went beyond my initial expectations.
 I appreciated the long and informative responses to our answers. They helped expand on ideas we tried to convey and got us talking. I have thought about joining the Knights of Columbus as my Dad is a member, or helping with food drives and other charitable actions."
Her: "It brought up a lot of good points and a lot of good things to think about, not only now, but in the future.  I appreciated the opportunity to talk about money and raising children and religion as a part of family life.  I would like to channel my knitting skills by joining a prayer shawl ministry and I'm always interested in programs that benefit the youth or the elderly and I've been reading the Bible on my own, but it'd be nice to join a group to get other perspectives."
Both: "It made us read and interpret the Bible, which I haven't done since Sunday school, and it got me thinking about the written part of Catholicism more. The most helpful thing was giving us an opportunity and making us talk about some subjects."

November 12th, Ron and Karen, Brighton, Colorado: “This course has allowed us to take time away from our busy lives.”
-His: "I appreciated the insight that this prep gave me as far as the Catholic Church is concerned. I am not Catholic and found this to be very informative. This course has given me a lot of information to work with and think about."
- Her: "I thought it was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot and realize that I have some things to improve on. This class actually exceeded my expectations. I expected that we would be reading prayer and not getting into the issues of a marriage. I am so glad that wasn't the case."
- Both: "This course has allowed us to take time away from our busy lives in order to discuss marriage and religion. This has opened up our communication and has helped us to better understand each other. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support. We have appreciated reading your comments and suggestions. Please pray for the strength of our marriage. It was much appreciated."

November 13th, Dan and Ashela, San Diego, California:   “What I appreciated the most is learning about NFP and saving ourselves for marriage.”
His:"Exceeded my expectations have helped me to learn how to grow with my faith and love in my relationships. What I appreciated the most is learning about NFP and saving ourselves for marriage; I find I have this new found respect for our love and purity of our relationship."
Her: "It was extremely spiritual and very much appreciated. By far more than met my expectations, I also enjoyed what I learned. This program gives me the urge to read the bible, and attend Mass more often."
Both: "Thank you so much for all your time and effort of your commitment and guidance to help our future."