June 6th Kaleb and Ariel- Pittsburgh, PA I am so glad we had the opportunity to express ourselves and obtain feedback
Him: The course gave us a chance to take in and learn many different things! We were able to open up, better understand, and grow together. I am so glad we had the opportunity to express ourselves, obtain feedback, and have great experiences during this course. I feel better and more grounded at this point.
Her:This course gave us some great insight into the Church's views of marriage and how this covenant will strengthen and bond us.
Both:It gave us the opportunity to talk in depth about theology, something we have never had the chance to do. Couples get so caught up in daily life problems and our conversations are about grocery lists and work problems. It was great to communicate on something deeper and discuss our ideologies and how they will affect our family in the years to come.

June 7th Roger and Janic- Los Angeles, CA  “This course provides us with strategies on how to overcome tough times
Him:  It was great! We're glad that we went through this preparation. It helped us understand each other better. Like our views, opinions, and issues that we may encounter as a couple (such as raising kids, finances, conflict resolution.) Marriage is a lifelong commitment. For a relationship to work, a couple should always put God in the center of their relationship.
Her: It was such an amazing experience going through this course. This course provides us with strategies on how to overcome tough times and how we can make our marriage work with God in the center of it.
Both:This experience helped us understand and appreciate each other better and love each other more.

June 8th Henry and Elizabeth- Sacramento, CA  “I liked how the course mixed in various articles, videos, passages, and the Bible.”
Him: I found this preparation course to be very useful. It has taught me new methods of communication and has made me realize some areas that I need to work on.
Her:I learned a lot from this course. I enjoyed learning some new things and I liked how the course mixed in various articles, videos, passages, and the Bible. I think it was well thought out and covered all the topics needed to begin a marriage on the right foot. Overall, I was impressed with the course and it exceeded my expectations!
Both: I am very thankful we took this prep course and we believe all couples should take this course before marriage!

June 9th Chris and Ashley- Hoboken, NJ  “Reading about NFP really opened my eyes”
Him: We learned about each other, our faith and the true meaning of marriage. 
Her:I thought it was awesome. It started so many thoughts and conversations we wouldn’t normally have. There were things like NFP that I didn't know enough about, and reading about it really opened my eyes.
Both:  It really improved our communication. We were asked to talk about things we wouldn't regularly talk about. It laid everything out for us to discuss, and we were really able to learn some amazing things about each other and our relationship.  We talked about our plans for the future and our relationship with God.

June 10th James and Ainsley- Bossier City, LA   “It’s laid out nicely and is easy to navigate.”
Him: I learned a lot more than I thought I would! Being a non-Catholic, I was unaware of several things throughout the course, but it was nice to have the information and my fiancé there to help me learn. 
Her:I thought this course was very nice! It’s laid out nicely and is easy to navigate. It is full of information and plenty of discussion topics. We both learned a lot from completing this course! 
Both:We are going to find a church that we both love in whatever city we end up living in. That is our main focus right now!