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Online Pre-Cana Marriage Prep


One-On-One Mentor-Led Catholic Pre-Cana Marriage Prep Courses Online! Preparing online does not mean you are preparing alone! Register online now and get started today! Work together online with each other. Being apart does not mean you need to wait. Purchase the course and you can get started right away!


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Couples are immersed in Theology of the Body (TOB) throughout the marriage prep course.

After you complete the first few activities, you will be assigned to a certified instructor couple to guide and mentor you one-on-one through the course. Online worksheets foster conversation between you, and are followed up with personalized feedback from your instructors. You can work at your own pace from anywhere you have internet access on any computer or mobile device. You have up to 90 days to complete the course, which has about 20 hours of engaging activities.

Upon entering our course, you will be asked a series of questions, so we may customize the class especially for you. This is how our Marriage Prep course can serve our couples who also want:

 - convalidation for their civil marriage or marriage outside of the Catholic church.
 - the course for couples who want Marriage Prep without the Church's teachings on contraception and family planning.
 - fulfilling the Marriage Prep requirements for the nullification of a previous marriage.

Note: The course covers the theology behind NFP but it does NOT include an actual NFP training.


Online Pre-Cana Marriage Prep: Course Options


Standard Online Pre-Cana - Theology of the Body Marriage Prep course:

US$194 per couple
The regular course requires a minimum of 20 hours of active work. It is usually completed in four to six weeks. It must be completed within three months maximum and can be completed in as little as four (4) weeks.

Urgent Care Online Pre-Cana - Theology of the Body Marriage Prep course: 

US$245 per couple
Our Urgent Care program the can be completed in as little as ten (10) business days for couples who have less than 4 (four) weeks to prepare for marriage. The course is identical except it is faster paced. It is dependent on our instructors’ availability*.

* For all of our courses, Instructors will not work on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.


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