January 21st Adam and Sandra- San Diego,CA “I feel like it brought us closer together and I enjoyed the time we spent learning more about God and the Church.”
Him: I found that it brought us closer together spiritually and challenged us to do more spiritually as a family. I believe it brought us closer together and made us feel comfortable that we are making the right decision being married into the church. It also engaged our minds to think about stuff we may not have otherwise thought about.
Her: I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge from it that I will continue to take with me in my years to come.It revived it and gained my interest in attending mass every Sunday and doing more for the Church and its people. I want to be more active in helping others and our family and being closer to God will help that.
Both: We talk about our relationship with Christ more and our goals in the faith. Our number one goal is for all of us to enter into Heaven together and also help the rest of God's people.

January 22nd  Liam and Amelia- San Jose, CA “By doing the course, we were able to take some quiet time together and reflect on God's words.”
Him: I appreciated the time spent with Amelia going over the Scriptures and discussing how we plan to raise our family in a loving Catholic household. It made us say out loud and fully understand God's words and intentions. It made me further understand how important the Sacrament of Marriage and my love for Amelia are.
Her: It got us to talk about our relationship from a new perspective, which I feel was ultimately a meaningful experience and time well spent. I really appreciated the thoughtful responses from our instructors.
Both: It helped us discuss in greater depth how we want to raise our family, and solidified our commitment to practice our faith.

January 23rd Dakota and Arianna- Sioux City, IA “I appreciated being able to feel more spiritually in-tune with myself and with my fiancé.”
Him: I appreciated being able to feel a deeper connection to the woman I asked to marry me and realized it isn't all just about her and I but about God first and foremost.
Her: I really enjoyed this course. It was great being able to take time away from the craziness of the day and spend time completing these assignments with my fiancé. It was a good refresher as a Catholic on thoughts sometimes we don't think about on a daily basis (but should) and was also nice to have self-reflection of what marriage really is, why we do it, and how we keep it.
Both: Our communication became more in-depth and reflective. Sometimes the days are so busy we are only able to touch on the surface of what has been happening in each others' lives. This course enabled us to set aside time from our busy schedules and to really discuss hard topics that we may not have had the opportunity to do prior to this course.

January 24th Medhat and Mary- Helena, MT “We loved it and it generated a lot of discussion, and it definitely fed our existing desire to grow close to God.
Him: It gave us a good chance to have conversations on many different topics.  Some of them we wouldn’t have thought of on our own.
Her: This course was much more in depth and informative than we expected.  So many of my married friends tell me how they wish they had known more before they married, for various reasons.  They would all have benefited from this course!
Both: This course generated a lot of discussions between us, which helped to communicate even more clearly with each other. We have also learned how very lucky we are to share our faith as deeply as we do, and this course reinforced our love for our faith and marriage's role in God's plan for us.

January 25th Sean and Kathryn- Military diocese  “It reaffirmed many of the churches beliefs for me, and allowed me to enter into good discussions on a lot of these topics with my partner.”
Him: It was a good course, which gave us many, many discussion points on things that we had not talked about together as a couple. I believe that in touching upon all these things, we will be a stronger couple going into our marriage.
Her: The course sparked good discussions on various marriage themes and issues. We gained a good base of knowledge on the church's teachings on marriage. Our instructors personalized their responses and translated church teachings into their own words and experiences which made it more accessible.
Both: This program was a God send for us, given that we are posted in different locations up until the month that we get married. We truly appreciate all the work and feedback we got back from our instructors. Thank you all so much!