October 1st Ryan and Maura- Philadelphia, PA “I appreciated the diversity in the topics covered and that there were real issues that should be discussed”
Him: I felt like it was a good opportunity to reconnect with God, the church and set the foundation for our marriage.
Her: I liked the opportunity to sit down and focus on the real purpose of marriage, our commitment to each other and our commitment to God. Being in the thrones of wedding planning, it gets so easy to forget what the day is really about and it becomes more of an event-planning thing and less about the reason for the event. It gets too easy to get tangled up in the busyness of planning. This was a nice distraction from it and helped set the foundation like Ryan said.
Both: We had to discuss our feelings out right with each other, discuss things that we probably normally wouldn't discuss, and for some of the answers, when we disagreed, we talked about why we felt that way and we better understood where we were individually coming from on the topic.

October 2nd Johnathan and Valbona- Detroit, MI “It challenged us to have in-depth discussions about many topics and scenarios that we had not thoroughly discussed yet.”
Him:I t gave me a newfound excitement to be able to practice my faith with my future wife, and raise my future family in a household of strong faith. The course put the importance of faith within a household/family into even clearer perspective for me as mandatory and a priority.
Her: The prep made us confront and communicate about many significant issues and circumstances not only regarding our faith, but our marriage and future family/life.
Both: It challenged us to address topics and issues within our faith and future marriage. It brought us closer as a couple by having us communicate on a deeper, more thorough level. Furthermore, it taught the importance of practicing our faith as a couple, in our household and family life. Our instructors were amazing, and we would just like to say thank you for making it such a pleasant learning and growing experience.

October 3rd Steven and Mary-Sacramento, CA “This course was very thought provoking and eye opening at the same time.”
Him: I appreciated the conversations and discussions the course brought between MJ and I. They [the conversations] were very healthy and led to very deep thinking.
Her: My overall impression is that I feel it perfectly suited us- I feel the pace and content of course was something we could keep up on rather easily.
Both: It opened the doors to having some very good discussions in ways we can improve upon our communication methods, as well as strengthening upon ones we are already currently using. Thanks so much for everything!

October 4th Robert and Kelsey-Tulsa, OK “It gave us an opportunity to say things we might not say out loud.”
Him: I thought these assignments were very thought provoking for both of us. On multiple occasions I found myself approached with questions I had not previously thought about.
Her: This preparation I feel is very worthwhile as it helps us know where each other stands on multiple topics that are important to know about before a couple is married.
Both: It definitely allowed us to say things that we might not otherwise bring into conversation, not because we aren't comfortable about talking about them but because we just have not thought about these topics yet.

October 6th Troy and Haley-Denver, CO  “It really made me see things differently”
Him: I really enjoyed the class. It was definitely a good experience, and I am very glad that Haley and I chose to take this seriously as we actually applied what we learned to our daily lives.
Her: I was very pleasantly surprised about this marriage prep class! I thought that we had some excellent instructors who really took the time to give us positive and reinforcing feedback on our answers. Both Troy and I have actually agreed that this marriage prep class has helped us a lot in many ways. I felt that it was a form of bible study, and I loved how it incorporated scriptures and real life situations into the class. I feel that I learned a lot from it.
Both: We always have had wonderful communication with each other; however, this class strengthened our communication by making us realize the importance of communication due to the differences in how males and females were created. We now know that both males and females need some form of communication in different ways, so we try to respect that and communicate with each other accordingly. We always talk about our future together as well!