Our relationship is stronger because of this course

January 11th,  Peter and Beth, Northglenn, CO: I appreciated how in depth it was.”
His:“It was wonderful learning and taking each assignment step by step with an experienced faith couple to help us grow in ours. It went above and beyond my expectations. I appreciated how in depth it was and how through our conversations it helped me to understand how important her faith is to her.”
Her: “It has been very enlightening and had really helped us to grow as a couple. It exceeded my expectations.
It helped me to see a different side of my fiance that I had never seen before.”
Both: “It helped us learn to be patient with each other and listen to what the other person has to say instead of just what we are saying.”

January 12th, Shawn and Roberta, Colorado Springs, CO“Thank you to our mentor couple,their input and time were greatly appreciated.”
His:“I liked that the course gave everyday examples and went beyond just Catholicism or religion and helped prepare for everyday living as a married couple.”
Her: “I enjoyed the personalized responses from the mentor couple were great feedback, yes, praying has increased.”
Both: “We are praying together more, and considering how we can be better Catholics Christians/People in general. Yes our communication has improved too. Thank you to our mentor couple, their input and time were greatly appreciated!

January 13th, Manuel and Querido, Seattle, WA“Our relationship is stronger because of this course.”
His: “Very good, very instructive. And it helped to remind us what the important things are in the wedding process. I liked the natural way of how this was conducted (even though it was online).
Her: “Very positive. I enjoyed the readings, videos, and questions. It was valuable for us. I appreciated Manuel taking this class seriously. I also liked the structure of the questions. It flowed well and they did add value to our conversations.”
Both: “We are in the process still of writing love letters - we will share our love letters on our wedding day before we get married. Our relationship is stronger because of this course. Thank you very much for this innovative tool. “

January 14th, Jeff and Ashley, Baltimore, MarylandIt opened up subjects such as contraception and sex that usually led to arguments…”
His: “I think it forced us to talk about subjects way more in depth than we have done before and that helped us to get to know each other even better. I did not receive the same Catholic education as my fiancé so I was able to learn a lot from this course that I didn't know before. 
I enjoyed the honesty of our sponsor couple. They were very down to earth in their examples and it allowed us to connect more with them and develop greater confidence in their advice.”
Her: “I thought it provided a lot of great insight into tips that can help support our marriage in all aspects - spiritual, financial, etc. It exceeded my expectations. I would agree it was nice to hear the comments that show that they aren't perfect either but they are able to overcome the daily struggles of married life and still hold God at the center even if it is hard some times. 
Both: “It opened up subjects such as contraception and sex that usually led to arguments and not mutual understanding before and now we think we are able to see the right path and support each other in following that. “

January 15th, Kevin and Sarah, Lewistown, Maine“It allowed us to become more in touch with our faith.”
His:“It was good for us to get chance to explore some topics we had not thought about.”
Her: “I appreciated the feedback and the timely ness. Yes it met my/our expectations.”
Both:“It allowed us to become more in touch with our faith.
We plan to abstain until our wedding, practice NF, pray together and attend weekly Mass.”


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