October 30th Glen and Luz Del Carmen- Phoenix, AZ “The course was developed so perfectly, we had the chance to know more about our faith and share our point of view with each other.”
Him: I liked WS God's Plan for Humanity because it gave Lucy and I deep conversation of Man's role as husband, protector and leader of love. I liked the WS on forgiveness, which is essential for peaceful harmonious marriage. The Rite of Marriage was also a wonderful one, preparing for the sacred mysteries, our love to each other and responsibilities.
Her: Excellent! I really enjoyed this prep, all the subjects were so interesting and important to strengthen our faith, but overall comprehend the importance of the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Both: It brought forward between us how to relate in unknown situations, bear patience, respond to forgiveness, and acquire the gift of understanding and mutual love for each other.

October 31st Coleton and Rebecca- Kansas City, KS “I was surprised at how practical this marriage prep was.”
Him: It revived my faith because it opened my eyes to how important and necessary God is to having a successful marriage. We will need His support and presence on a daily basis and through prayer, attending Mass, etc. this will bring us closer to Him and each other.
Her: My overall impression of this prep is that it did a fantastic job of covering religious and daily encounters that need to be discussed prior to marriage. It got Coleton and me to open up and talk about things we either hadn't discussed yet or hadn't elaborated on.
Both: It improved our communication by showing us ways to actively listen and opening our line of communication about an array of topics.

November 1st Christopher and Elissa-Denver, CO “It helped us to focus in on some areas which we hadn't talked about, and really helped us dig deeper into our faith.”
Him: I enjoyed the nature of the questions and recourses.  The feedback was, and will continue to be very helpful as a reference later on.  There is so much material that we will be able to come back to it time and again.
Her: I appreciated that it got us talking about things that probably would not have come up right away. It was nice to hear what he had to say.
Both: It has helped us gain a better understanding of being open to one another and how to more clearly communicate with openness.

November 2nd Donald and Ipanema-Harrisburg, PA “I (we) especially appreciated all of the detailed, personal feedback, tailored to us, on all of the lessons.”
Him: It was very informative (and interesting, and, at times, humorous, as in the Nail-in-the-Head video) about our Catholic marriage, and I hadn't realized how much good, general "couple's counseling" we'd get out of it too!  It was all very appropriate, I felt, to our plans and our future lives together in the faith and as a couple.
Her: Reminder of the true meaning of what life, love, and marriage are about, especially through the videos and stories about Jesus (the forgiveness video) and the wisdom from God about how to live our lives together, like him.
Both: It really spurred us on to talk about some of the important issues that we need to talk about anyway.  It served as a confirmation that these issues *need* discussion and daily attention.

November 3rd Michael and Alysha- Norwich, CT  “Very informative and made you think.”
Him: It made us sit down and talk more about our faith and our relationship with each other and God. It got us out of the everyday world to stop and think about life
Her: The fact that this course gave us a chance to actually sit down with each other and focus on the questions and how they might affect us. It started conversations that might otherwise not have happened.
Both: This course gave us the opportunity to stop our daily lives and sit down to talk about us and our future and our Faith!