Praying for (and With) Your Spouse: The Way to Deeper Love

by Gregory K. Popcak and Lisa Popcak

God wants to fill your marriage with the love that comes from his very own heart. Praying for (and with) Your Spouse will show you how to let God take every part of your relationship to the next level from living each day with your joys and struggles to working out your decisions and disagreements to setting aside time for love and romance. Prayer, in marriage, is more than checking off a box. It is time spent in the presence of the Author of love himself. Every time we pray for and with our spouse, God gives us greater insight into what it takes to love each other better more deeply, more honestly, more authentically, and more passionately. Every time we pray for and with our spouse, we open our hearts to a love that can satisfy our deepest longings and allow our marriage to be a light to the world.

This book will help you discover the simple steps you can take to invite God to renew and refresh your love for one another. As you pray together and for one another, you'll find out how much joy God has in store for you and your spouse in this life and in the next!


How To Heal Your Marriage and Nurture Lasting Love

by Gregory K. Popcak

God has put you and your spouse together for a reason and it's not to argue. You are bonded together to cultivate in each other those virtues that lead to sanctification. That's why this book isn't just about saving your marriage it's about transforming it into a joyful, loving relationship.

In these pages, acclaimed author and psychotherapist Gregory Popcak shows you how to heal the hurt in your marriage and develop the crucial habits necessary to resolve conflicts, renew the love you once had, and discover the passion you always wanted.


Just Married: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Years of Marriage

by Gregory K. Popcak and Lisa Popcak

Nationally syndicated radio hosts and international family life speakers Greg and Lisa Popcak combine decades of counseling, the latest findings in marriage research, twenty-three years of marriage, and the wisdom of Catholic teaching to offer newlyweds a master plan for creating a strong bond in the first five years of marriage.


Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility


Practical Insights from John Paul II's Love and Responsibility
by Edward Sri

Topics include: friendship, the proper role of emotions, how contraception harms love, and building trust, intimacy, and a mature love.


A Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage

by Gregory Popcak

Drawing from his years of clinical practice, as well as his own practical experiences as a husband and father, Gregory Popcak explores the characteristics that create strong relationships and help couples determine both their strengths and their weaknesses. He offers down-to earth ideas and suggestions for keeping marriages alive and vital long after the wedding ceremony. By showing how all marriages must move along “The Relationship Pathway,” from less fulfilling to exceptional, Popcak convincingly demonstrates that every married couple has the potential to avoid divorce and live happily ever after!


by Bishop Fulton Sheen

 Sheen presents the causes of and solutions to common marital crises, and tells touching real-life stories of people whose lives were transformed through marriage. He emphasizes that our Blessed Lord is at the center of every successful and loving marriage.



How God Saved Our Marriage (and can save yours, too!)
by Greg and Julie Alexander

Greg and Julie Alexander thought divorce was the only way out of their lifeless, loveless marriage. Quite unexpectedly, a faithful priest guided them back to the truths of the church, and as they began to incorporate these truths into their lives, tey were able to restore the love they once had for each other. Marriage 911 chronicles their journey back from the brink of divorce to marital happiness built on a strong Catholic faith. Told from both spouses' perspectives....



by Bernard Dubois (free download)

Translated from the French "Guerir en famille" by Charlotte DeJong
A healing path in the footsteps of the Holy Family and Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.


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