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Why This Course?

The Faith Finances Intensive Course is designed to successfully prepare (financially) engaged couples, for the life-long journey of marriage. 

What makes this course different from other financial courses? 
Simple!  All of the material is drawn from Holy Scripture and the richness of the Catholic tradition, and proven by the most time-tested of money techniques. 

Designed, and written by best-selling author and renowned personal-finance counselor Thomas E. Zordani, the Faith Finances course guides you through a step-by-step approach in discussing all of the important aspects of finances; understanding finances, gaining control of them, and integrating them while promoting prayer, a high level of virtue, and growth in the Catholic faith. 
The course focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of money, and how it should be handled, covering topics such as:

  • Family history — how attitudes and beliefs of money management might have been created
  • What does God expect of us?
  • The mechanics of finances (the eight steps), as an individual then as a family
  • Priorities (Faith / Family / Careers)
  • Debt — is it for us? /avoiding it / elimination of it
  • Preparing to buy a home
  • Financial disagreements and challenges
  • Special situations (re-marriage / step children / problems arising from cohabitation / owning a home before marriage)
  • Faith-building exercises and numerous of scriptures for discussion

What People Are Saying:

Lenny Best Foxfield, CO
Director of Stewardship Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish:

“Faith Finances offers a perspective of household-money-management and debt-elimination that transcends other programs because it offers a culture of right-relationship with God’s grace, concerning the daily occurrences of saving, spending, and investing. Faith Finances reminds us that we need to look at the management of money, for the sake of communion - for the sake of another, as part of our daily relationship with Jesus Christ. The tools and scripture references from Faith Finances give us all that we need, to foster the “just” financial practices of a Catholic family, rooted in the heritage of our Catholic faith.”

 Elizabeth W., Denver (an enthusiastic fan)

“I was first introduced to Faith Finances around November 2010. It’s taken me awhile to work through all the mistakes that come from making a new budget and making changes in my life. But, I sit here today a different person with a far different financial status. I have been able to plan for things throughout the year – including putting myself through 1.5 years of school and paying for it in cash! I have not had to dip into my savings since early this past year and am truly at a point where I am not living paycheck to paycheck. The previous stress of spending a paycheck before it is even deposited is gone. I just wanted to say thank you again for all you’ve done for me.”

Dr. MA and Mrs. GA, Canada

"Faith Finances helped us stay together in our marriage. We had reached the end of our rope, arguing about finances over many years. We now put God first and everything else flows smoothly from that, both in our finances and in our marriage. Thanks!"

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