What have you done for your marriage today?

Wherever you may be - dating, engaged, newlywed, in a mature marriage, or empty nesters - your relationship can benefit from a little expert advice.
An initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


The Alexander House is a Catholic, international apostolate dedicated to “proclaiming the beauty, goodness and truth” of God’s design for marriage. Inspired by Pope John Paul II and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the ministry uses its programs, services and resources to help couples live Christ-centered, joy-filled marriages. It was established by founders Greg and Julie Alexander in 1999, and now operates nationwide from San Antonio, TX. Key offerings: the Covenant of Love parish-based ministry, and a couple-to-couple Marriage Coaching service.



Whether you want to create a more intimate and godly marriage, celebrate a more faithful and fulfilling family life, or discover the path to a more grace-filled personal life, The Pastoral Solutions Institute can help strengthen and support
you on your spiritual and emotional journey.


Individual, couples and group therapy
Imago Dei Counseling is devoted to strengthening and healing the family.  Our goal is to help individuals discover their personal dignity and guide them toward the freedom to live generously in relationship with others. Telephonic counseling available.

RECLAIM SEXUAL HEALTH is an anonymous, online recovery program from pornography addiction and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. Combining The Brain Science of Change, insights from Theology of the Body and the full support of our faith, RECLAiM is a powerful tool for more joy, happiness and holiness in life. While rooted in Catholic teaching and understanding, this program is open to people of all faiths who desire to be whole again.

Offer weekend retreats held across the United States for any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion.


My aim is to help you raise great kids. It is to bolster your self-confidence as a parent, and to put authority into your hands, where it belongs.
As a father of 10 (honest, ages 12 through 24) and a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and national radio host, families have been my life.


Become an effective parent and learn essential communication skills.
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An Initiave for men by the Knights of Columbus

Whether you are a seasoned dad, a new dad, a dad to be, or a single guy wanting to know more about fatherhood, this Web site is for you.
There is a role only a father can fill and gifts only a father can give. In a culture that often does not favor fatherhood or masculine virtue, we wish to highlight the unique contributions of men, husbands and fathers. The world would be lacking without them.