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We will discuss why girls entering puberty need to be taught about puberty and cycles, what are some of the roadblocks or fears for moms when it comes to discussing these topics and describe the solution we at Natural Womanhood propose. Our Mother of Preteens program is a tool for moms to help them be the primary educator of their daughter and to build closeness and trust in their relationship. We will give a short tour of the Mother of Preteens course and share the impact it is having on moms and daughters.

This special 30 min webisode, tailored for clergy and parishes, Ashley Ruybal, a representative of Catholic Marriage Prep with special guest speaker, Jackie Aguilar from Natural Womanhood.

October 11th, 2023
2:00-2:30 PM Mountain Time

Hosted by Ashley Ruybal with Jackie Aguilar




We have a huge chasm in our church when it comes to teaching about Natural Family Planning (NFP). Many marriage preparation programs provide an introduction or even a full course of instruction in a method of fertility awareness, but roughly 2% of Catholic married couples report actually using NFP in their marriage.

What is it that parishes need to do in order to help couples choose to use NFP and then support them in continuing to use this natural method of fertility regulation even when things get hard?

Join Ellen Holloway in a discussion of what couples really need and how we can implement solutions to support marriages in this way.

January 17, 2024
2:00-2:30 PM Mountain Time

Hosted by Ashley Ruybal with Ellen Holloway




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BluePhilanthropy has studied numerous parish offertories throughout the United States, asking the question: "would parishioners give more? Do they have more to give?" Our research shows that with very few exceptions, ALL parishes have room to grow. Additionally, 53% of parishioners will give more that they currently do if ASKED bt their pastor.

Join us for a fun conversation as we share additional research findings and provide actionable tactics to increase parish philanthropy.

Also, BluePhilanthropy will have a drawing for three attendees to receive a free Mission Capacity Study. Don't miss it!

Following this session, all attendees will receive a whitepaper with actionable strategies to tap into existing parish resources.



When a parent experiences the loss of a child, they often don't know where to turn. For many, our first reach is not to the Church. Holy Mother Church desires to support families of loss.

In this webisode, we will talk about the challenges parents face in losing a child and ways to support families beyond the funeral.



When a couple is struggling in their marital intimacy, what resources are there to help them with practical guidance that is in line with Catholic teaching?

Hear from moral theologian Dr. Sarah Bartel about her work helping married Catholic women grow in their experience of the marital embrace. Hear about the common problems women face and the kinds of support and guidance that can help.



How many genders are there? What if my daughter says she’s trans? Should I use their preferred pronouns? Is gender a social construct? Are puberty blockers safe? What if I experience gender dysphoria?

Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter Jason Evert

Jason Evert addresses the most common claims of gender theory and shows how to respond with charity and clarity in his new book "Male, Female, Other?"

This 30 min webisode, tailored for clergy, parishes, and our CMP alumni, will be hosted by Ashley Ruybal, a representative of Catholic Marriage Prep. The webisode will also feature widely known and admired guest speaker, Jason Evert, who will share information on his latest book release and his insights from a Catholic perspective toward gender.



From Ashes to Life: A testament to God's healing power and grace after an affair
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenters: Deano and Karen Gonzales, Marriage Prep Instructors for CMP.

Tragically, many couples find themselves in despair, without hope, and filing for a divorce after an affair. This webisode will provide some insight and real life experience of how the love of Jesus led Deano and Karen through the pain and suffering of a 2 year affair and restored their marriage. They will share the lessons and tools they received to fight for their marriage. Listen in on how they hope to help other couples who find themselves in a similar crisis and journey with them to navigate the waters to freedom and a restored marriage.

Karen and Deano Gonzales have been long-time instructors for Both graduated from Northern Arizona University with Karen obtaining her BS in Applied Sciences and becoming a Registered Dietitian, while Deano graduated with a BS in Accounting. They are proud parents of five children and six grandchildren, residing in Colorado.



Helping Adult Children of Divorce who are Preparing for Marriage
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenters: Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola of Life-Giving Wounds

Men and women whose parents are divorced or separated are statistically at more risk of divorcing themselves. What can clergy and pastoral leaders do to help adult children of divorce (ACODs) marry with greater confidence and success? Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola are the founders of Life-Giving Wounds, an apostolate dedicated to giving voice to the pain of ACODs and helping them find healing. The Meolas will discuss the particular wounds and needs of those preparing for marriage after not seeing their parents' marriages last, including anxiety about conflict, difficulty with genuine intimacy, fears about parenting, and more. This webisode will help those in marriage preparation ministry be more aware of the particular needs of ACODs and help them overcome the challenges they face, in order to marry joyfully and confidently.


Supporting Couples in Healing from Pornography Use
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter: Dan Spadaro

It is clear that both husband and wife are impacted when there is a discovery of pornography use in the marriage. How can we help support a couple when there is a discovery? Dan Spadaro, a licensed counselor, will offer some practical and theoretic ideas related to issues that come up in this process and possible guidance and resources for growth.


Catholic Quinceañeras Celebrations
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter: Carmen Chavez-Lopez

This webisode was previously recorded on November 2nd, 2022. In this short presentation, you will learn how our online Quince course provides a wonderful opportunity to bring teens and their families back to church and, more importantly, to God. Please note - this webisode will be presented in English and focus on supporting the Hispanic community in parishes through the Quinceañeras Celebrations.


Formation of Conscience
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter: Christian Meert

This webisode was previously recorded on September 28th, 2022. Take 30 minutes to learn more about why it is so important to have a well-formed conscience, the difference between opinions and conscience, and how deals with this in our marriage preparation course with engaged couples.


Is Your Parish Mission- Driven or Budget- Driven?
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter: Jonathan Teixeira from Wallet Win

This webisode was previously recorded on July 20th, 2022. How do you offer your parishioners the tools and strategies they need to live as the good stewards they’re called to be? In this webisode, you’ll learn how to start designing a budget around your mission.


Handling Tough Topics in Catholic Marriage Prep:
Addressing Gender Dysphoria, Catholic Anthropology, and Transgenderism
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Presenter: Patrick Hernandez

This webisode was previously recorded on June 1st, 2022. Destructive gender ideologies are rapidly on the rise, so how do we prepare engaged couples for marriage in a world where genders are blurred? Learn how we help couples understand God's plan for men and women, and embrace the God-given missions that our world is currently trying to redefine.


Can Online Baptism Prep really work for my parish?
Hosted and presented by: Ashley Ruybal

This webisode was previously recorded on April 27, 2022. Learn how prepares parents and Godparents in an engaging and interactive way for their infant's baptism and the life-long responsibility of passing on their Catholic faith.


Online Solutions for Marriage Convalidations
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Speaker: Christian Meert

This webisode was previously recorded on March 26, 2022. Unsure how to handle marriage convalidations? Learn how can help you and your parish in these unique situations.



Spanish Online Faith Formation Prep with Personal One-on-One Mentoring
Hosted by: Ashley Ruybal with Special Guest Speaker: Carmen Chavez-Lopez

* In Spanish

This webisode was previously recorded on Feb, 2, 2022. Learn more about our Online Marriage, Baptism, and Quinceañeras Preparations!



What Can Marriage Prep Offer Me?
Hosted and Presented by: Ashley Ruybal

This webisode was previously recorded in 2021. Learn more about and how it can be of service to your parish!!