Date 27th – Jordon and Lindsey–Diocese of Baton Rouge “It brought us closer together

Him: This class was great in getting us to bond and come together to decide answers and also to further our faith and learn more about marriage through the eyes of the Church.
Her: I really like how the class made you think about not only the scriptures and what God would want in your marriage, but how you can keep him the center of your relationship. This class helped us bond and talk about subjects that are sometimes get put on the back burner.
Both: Our instructors did an amazing job. They taught us so much, were very nice, and informative in their feedback.

Date 28th – Carl and Pats –Diocese of San Jose “Gave me more to reflect on

Him: The class was great! Going at our own pace allowed us to put the time we needed into the lessons, and we also got great feedback from the instructors.
Her: I appreciated how we could take this course at our own pace. The questions, passages, and feedback were all very thoughtful and all served to enrich each other.
Both: We appreciated the feedback given for every lesson; our instructors added a lot more information and went into much more detail. This helped reinforce all of the lessons. We really appreciate all the time and thought that went into this course.

Date 29th – Anthony and Katherine –Diocese of Nashville “This class surpassed my expectations

Him: I really enjoyed this class. As someone who is not Catholic, I was aware of certain practices and ideas, but it was really nice to have an in-depth view of the faith and how it relates to marriage. Our instructors were excellent! They provided timely feedback and really expounded on topics I was more unfamiliar with.
Her: This class was extremely beneficial. I really enjoyed each lesson and felt like I was always learning something new. I really appreciate our instructors and their willingness to help us with whatever we needed.
Both: This course improved our communication by allowing us to have open conversation in which we had the opportunity to discuss topics that we never had before and our reasoning behind these opinions.

Date 30th – Lance and Allison –Archdiocese of New Orleans “We really bonded during this process

Him: We loved getting this opportunity to work together and grow in our relationship with God. It was great to get to learn about and practice our faith together.
Her: This was a wonderful course that was not only helpful and enlightening, but also worked to improve our communication skills with each other. I think it truly brought us closer to each other and to our faith working through these worksheets together.
Both: We plan to make it a point that we never miss a mass on Sunday. This will keep our focus every week where it needs to be.

Date 31st – Rene and Monica–Diocese of Fresno “I have already recommended this prep to other engaged couples

Him: We got to elaborate on things, grow together, and talk about things we haven’t talked about. It made us come together even more.
Her: I have been blown away with the way the structure of this prep allowed us to take our time, talk through so much in such detail, and reflect on the lessons throughout the weeks. I feel we have been much more blessed by this prep than many of our friends who attended one weekend to prep.
Both: The conversations and information with each lesson were fantastic and sparked important honest and thought-provoking dialogues.