January 3rd– John and Merissa – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston “I felt a lot closer to God after this course

Him: Our instructors were very informative with their responses and we could tell they took the time on their feedback. Though virtual, this class made a very big impact on Merissa and I.
Her: I really appreciated the guidance throughout this course and learned and grew a lot. The answers and responses we received from our instructors after each assignment were detailed and educating.
Both: It allowed us to understand the church more and able to communicate our feelings towards God together.

January 4th – Dan and Lara Diocese of Allentown, PA “Now we communicate in a healthy way

Him: I found the class to be profound and educational. The class brings up different topics Lara and I needed to discuss as we enter our marriage. This class brought us closer to Christ as a couple.
Her: The class had a significant amount of information I had never thought about. I think all the topics discussed in this class are important for a couple to talk about before they get married. I felt as though the class was the best part of our engagement!
Both: It was the greatest thing we could have done for our relationship. It exceeded our expectations!

January 5th – Brian and Allison – Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA “This course absolutely improved our communication

Him: Our instructors were thorough on every single answer, making me feel as though they took the time to read and understand my work and evaluate it properly. I was also very impressed by the overall knowledge we were presented with.
Her: It was helpful and helped our relationship grow deeper and develop. Our instructors were so insightful and provided great examples and explanations in their feedback. They were so helpful in helping us digest each assignment and understand the importance. We move forward with immense knowledge and faith.
Both: The feedback from our instructors was so helpful throughout the process and really helps to solidify the different topics and ideas. We appreciate this course and will recommend to any friends/family who are looking for help or preparation before a Catholic marriage.

January 6th– Dale and Emily Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “It got me thinking more about my faith

Him: Everything was very well explained, and made me actually think about things in greater depth than I would’ve on my own.
Her: I loved getting the feedback after every assignment from our instructors! It went even deeper than we did and I really appreciated that.
Both: We will keep these tools and thoughts with us for the rest of our lives with our marriage! We are extremely grateful for all our instructors have done.

Date 7th – Jordan and Bailey Diocese of Charlottetown, Canada “Interactive and a very productive learning experience

Him: I really enjoyed the staggered teaching of the course, the personal feedback, and the interactivity of the lessons between our instructors and the material. Fantastic!
Her: I enjoyed the layout of the teachings, how personal it felt, and the feedback and communication with our instructors.
Both: We really enjoyed how personal it felt with our instructors, they were very professional and timely with responses to our teachings. We also appreciated the examples and extra links for further learning to really get the most out of each lesson.