January 10th– Julio and Katie– Diocese of Allentown, PA “I want to become more involved in the church community

Him: It was a very informative class and we learned a lot about how we can strengthen our relationship with God and with our marriage.  We were provided tools to help us in our journey, to guide us in the right direction. Our instructors were extremely helpful in guiding us in the right direction and we are appreciative of them!
Her: Our instructors were extremely knowledgeable and gave us very thorough explanations!  Anything that we may have been confused about they explained and gave us examples to help us better understand!  It was a very informative and helpful for us in our journey with God.
Both: All of the information given to us was extremely helpful and beneficial in our journey with God!

January 11th– Luciano and Lizbeth – Diocese of Orange, CA “It showed me how venerable and sensitive my partner can be towards me.

Him: The process was thorough and detailed. I liked that our instructors responded right away. Each of their responses where intentional and heartfelt.
Her: I liked that we could a course online all the while protecting ourselves from Covid. Our instructors were great and gracious with their time and responses were well thought out.
Him: My faith was able to grow and expand. I was able to learn how Jesus is central figure in marriage. I am looking forward to adapt some of the advice I received during this course.
Her: My faith was able to become more extensive with Jesus and how I can go to him when certain abnormalities of life come to forefront. My faith in Jesus has also grown and I look forward to reflecting God's love in my marriage.

January 12th – Tim and Minu – Archdiocese of San Francisco CA “It gave me a better meaning as to why we believe certain things the Catholic Church

Him: The class had a solid foundation of the bible, having a healthy relationship with Christ, and building and maintaining a healthy/love-filled marriage. I very much appreciated the dedication that our instructors put in both to get responses back to us in a timely manner, and for giving detailed and thoughtful feedback full of personal life experiences and application. I do feel like I learned a lot from the course.
Her: I felt that that class was thorough and informative of different concepts of the Catholic Church. I definitely appreciated the extensive answer sheet our instructors provided at the end of each section.
Both: Several questions and sections in the course required a higher degree of discussion, which was great for having us talk things out and express our opinions. We want to incorporate this into our everyday married lives so that we can be on the same page as each other as often as possible.

January 13th – Max and Chelsea – Diocese of Peoria, IL “The course revived my faith in several ways!

Him: The course lets you go at your own pace and very good feedback.
Her: This course has given so much insight and resources to having a healthy, Christ-centered marriage, instructors are awesome!
Both: We have really enjoyed this course and our instructor’s help in preparing us for this beautiful sacrament!

January 1th – Ian and Jessica – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY “It helped revive my faith

Him: The course and support were clear and easy to understand.  Explanations from our instructors were always thorough and provided excellent guidance and resources.
Her: I found it extremely easy to do together and all the feedback we got back from our instructors were not only timely but provided in depth explanations. I learned a lot of new things about my fiancé and it was such a great experience to complete together.
Both: Our instructors made us feel at ease and allow for our questions and concerns to be alleviated. Their feedback was incredibly clear and allowed for us to have more in depth conversations.