January 17th – Nicolas and Lyndsey – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “This process was so enjoyable

Him: This class helped us understand each other better and understand what God wants from us more.
Her: This class went above what I envisioned. Nick and I haven't had conversations like the ones we did in this class. I honestly think any couple would benefit from this class before marriage.
Both: We are able to talk more openly with each other because we both understand ourselves better after this course. We also both understand the commitment we are going to make.

January 18th– Khanh and Julie – Archdiocese of Portland, OR “We learned to be better listeners

Him: I didn't think online marriage preparation class would work but this course proved me wrong. I love that we can choose to do assignment when we want and at a pace what works for us. We had time to self-reflect and have more conservations.
Her: Thanks to our instructors for reviewing our assignment's and keep us engaged throughout the course. I love this course because it’s not only focus on the religion, but also teaches us to be better husband and wife. The course covers many marriage topics and was well constructed.
Both: Our believe for God has been strengthening every day since we’ve taken this course. The discussions that we had reveals many different perspectives that we didn't have in our day-to-day discussion.

January 19th – Kenny and Hannah– Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “I now plan to join groups at church

Him: I had an excellent impression of this course. The material was very engaging and the feedback from our instructors were very detailed and insightful.
Her: The course was great and beneficial to the foundation of any marriage. Our instructors provided awesome explanations and timely responses.
Both:  Our communication definitely improved because even in the course we had to discuss and answer the questions together. There came time where we had good debates on opposing answers and it allowed us to come to a unified answer.

January 20th– Jordan and Gabriella – Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX “We want to make mass a priority

Him: Gabby and I were able to learn more about our faith and the meaning of marrying within the Catholic Church. We are grateful for the experience to work with our instructors. They were great role models and provided excellent feedback for us to consider in our own lives.
Her: The course allowed us to open up about details we never thought about within our relationship while also providing excellent tips to help us succeed as a married couple. After dating Jordan for 6 years, I am so ready to marry him and begin our life together. This course proved that to me!
Both: We have always struggled to start deep conversations which we work at everyday as a couple. This course was challenging in the beginning because it was out of our comfort zone. However, as the course went on we found ourselves talking about our faith and our future throughout our days! We hope to continue breaking through our comfort levels and opening up to each other about our faith.

January 21st– John and Karina – Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. “It showed me a new light in the preparation of marriage.

Him: I found this course to be informative and impactful on my journey growing closer to God and into marriage with Karina. Specifically, I found our instructors to be helpful, responsive and overall provide insightful guidance.
Her: It was very thorough and well thought out. I appreciated the personal touches from our instructors to each assignment and the elaborations on the tougher topics.
Both: We plan to join a parish near our new home and hope to raise our children there.