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Hector and Miriam – Diocese of San Bernardino
His impression of the prep:
I truthy enjoy the whole process. It was a very engaging spiritual and educational experience. I was amazed how our Churches teachings go hand to hand with our daily modern life. I really liked the reference videos, there were short and concise but rich in content. I honestly believe that this course has given the tool to succeed as a husband and father within my growing faith. Overall, this course exceeds my expectations; I would not change anything.

Her impression of the prep: I really like the information and videos that were provided during the course.

I also appreciate that our instructors gave us feedback in a kind and prompt manner. Thank you very much to our instructors for all your encouragement, reminders, the information, and all the assistance you provide for us during the course. We really enjoyed it.

Did it meet his expectations: Yes. This course touches a wide array of vital areas important to form a solid marriage.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it did. It was very empowering. It opened my perspective and made appreciate God in a deeper way. I feel more motivated to trust all my plans and relationship to God.

Sam and Janice – Diocese of Harrisburg
His impression of the prep: I appreciated the flexibility of the course. I’m between several states right now and preparing for basic military training. The online platform was ideal for my needs. Also, our instructors are super responsive and helpful. They understood our needs and never took more than a business day to respond with answer keys to the assignments. I felt the subject matter was relevant and helpful to my relationship. I have learned many new things and will continue to solidify my relationship with my fiancé and with God.

Her impression of the prep: The course information was relevant and thought provoking. I was able to take away many clear-cut ways to strengthen my relationship and work on the inevitable challenges that arise in a marriage. I also enjoyed interacting with Sam and discussing the questions together. It was a bonding experience and it allowed us to gain insight into each other’s thoughts and values that we haven’t seen before.

Did it meet his expectations: Yes. The course met my expectations It was relaxed and allowed us to work at our own pace while still being effective.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes. I expected to learn more about our connection with God and that’s exactly what this course delivered

Joey and Hayley – Diocese of San Francisco
His impression of the prep: Wonderful process of falling more in love with Christ and my fiancé, Hayley. I have come to appreciate how truly sacred the sacrament of marriage is, and doing this dedicated process with Hayley has been such a holy and special experience.

Her impression of the prep: This was a wonderful experience! It was such a blessing to have the dedicated time to learn more about ourselves, to learn more about each other, and to grow together in God's love as we prepare for marriage! The lessons were all very helpful and will help us have a loving and fulfilling marriage in the future.

Did it meet his expectations: It exceeded my expectations. I was amazed with how thoughtful, thorough, and personal the remarks from our course counselors were. It was so enjoyable!

Did it meet her expectations: Definitely! I learned so much about myself, and learned how to be the best wife and partner to Joey over the coming years as husband/wife. These lessons were extremely helpful.

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Parish Life

Jason and Katelyn – Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Impacted his Faith: It allowed me to more deeply reflect on the wonders and spiritual grounds of matrimony on a level that I had not been exposed to prior. It has made me inspired and excited to grow in other areas of my faith where I have not had similar experiences
Impacted her Faith: This experience did revive my faith by providing me with new insight that I would not have considered on my own along with various resources to make us as a couple more spiritually connected.

His parish life plan: I have been a reader in prior parishes and would like to continue that. Also, I would like to become more involved in parish events as we were at our university Catholic chapel.

Her parish life plan: I would like to participate more in volunteering or participating in bible study through the church.

Justin and Leticia – Diocese of of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Impacted his Faith: I have always had a hard time staying consistent with going to Church but this reminded me on how important it is to be close to God.
Impacted her Faith: This course definitely reminded me on educating myself more about God and how there's so much more I could learn about him and the beauty he brings.

His parish life plan: I plan to spread the word of God and help my family, who is so out of touch with God, to bring them closer to God.

Her parish life plan: I hope to attend Mass every Sunday and bring along my Family so they can also be close to God.

Antonio and Karla - Diocese of San Antonio

Impacted his Faith: I achieved a new desire to get closer to God. I want my soul to be saved and I want my family to develop a closer connection with god.  my faith revived in so many ways. I've have learned how to speak to my friends and family through this course.
Impacted her Faith: It revived my faith because I understand more that achieving the sacrament of matrimony and its importance. It has also ignited the urge to be a better person, wife, mother, and a to be part of the communion.

His parish life plan: By going to confession more often, and to find ways to help the church or poor.

Her parish life plan: Involving my children more in the church, as well pray more than I’m currently doing.


Top 3
Communication and Comments

Tommy and Bernadette – Archdioceses of Denver

How did it better your commutation: This course improved out communication by talking about topics we wouldn't normally talk about. We were able to calmly talk about our differences. The lesson about actively listening and voicing our concerns without blaming each other has been very beneficial.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated the all the lessons. I am not Catholic, so learning about my partners religion allowed me to connect with her on a different level.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated the feedback the most. Our instructors understood us as couple and added thoughtful and informative feedback. This allowed me to learn about the lesson and made me more aware of certain situations.

Austin and Caitlinn – Dioceses of Peoria

How did it better your commutation: It made us have intentional conversations that we can continue to build upon as we begin our marriage.

Appreciated most by him: The thought-provoking questions between Caitlinn and I that were sparked from this marriage prep course.

Appreciated most by her: The bible verses and background that was provided for the teachings of the Catholic Church! Personal testimonials were also helpful.

Angel and Priscilla – Archdioceses of Military Services

How did it better your commutation: It allowed us to have more meaningful and in-depth conversations on things we haven't really spoken about too often. It also allowed us to work together to understand the meanings of certain lessons.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciate the mentors that took their time to teach us about God and this course. The way they explained their feedback to our answer was really helpful.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciate that this preparation course is just being offered in general. I think it's super beneficial to have this course prior to marriage to really do deep dive in your marriage and God's role in marriage. I am thankful that through this, Angel and I were able to have these meaningful conversations and let God into our lives more as we prepare for our holy matrimony.