Jan. 31st – Oscar and Jennifer – Diocese of Monterey, CA “I really appreciate that we had instructors to guide and give us their input

Him: I really enjoyed taking this class with my wife. It was wonderful to set that time together and learn from what we have been lacking on. Our instructors had some great input.
Her: It was an AMAZING experience. I learned so much in the process. Everything was explained very well. I have learned so much, and I 100% will practice what I learned.

Both: They helped us understand so many good points. This whole class was amazing. The way you get instructors to give you “answer keys” is so helpful!

February 1st– Angel and Sofia – Archdiocese of Washington DC “It allowed us to have deeper conversation about our faith

Him: I didn't know what to expect coming in so I learned a lot. Our instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable, we really appreciated them.
Her: I really enjoyed the course and all the new information I learned. Our instructors were great and helped guide us through the process. It was really well organized.

Both: It improved our communication because it allowed us a lot of time to have discussions on the subject matter and work out any problems or disagreements we had about the subject matter.

February 2nd– Jeff and Michelle – Diocese of Ogdensburg, NY It made me interested in exploring more about the Catholic faith.

Him: The class was very helpful; we got a lot out of it.
Her: I think it provided a great opportunity to have some serious discussions to see if we were on the same page about marriage and faith.  I think the instructors were wonderful people and gave very helpful insights.

Both: It gave us a chance to dig deeper into different aspects of faith. We really enjoyed it and want to explore even more.

February 3rd– Carl and Olivia – Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA “We both really value forgiveness more after this course

Him: Not only did this help me with my understanding of the Catholic Faith, but it also reinforced exact expectations and educated us substantially.
Her: I really enjoyed this course and the learning both of us shared. We have grown in our faith together through this course which is important to both of us.

Both: We came into this not really knowing what to expect but we were blown away with the informative content.

February 4th– Nicholas and Whitney – Archdiocese of San Francisco CA “This course was a great reminder to get more active within my parish

Him: I felt that our instructor’s instruction was very heart felt and I could really tell that it was genuine and coming from the heart.
Her: It was clear to me that our instructors are experts and I was so grateful for their instruction! Thank you for your insights and guidance!

Both: We both pray a lot but not always together. Praying together was a very powerful experience for both of us and something that definitely improved our communication in many ways because it brings a Christ like energy to our interactions