February 7th– Rigoberto and Zenaida –Diocese of Dallas, TX “I appreciated everything about this course

Him: This course has taught me a lot of different things about marriage to build a better bond with my wife and to communicate for a better marriage.
Her: Very detailed and I love that the instructors check every answer and are helping us all the way through.
Both: We enjoyed the class very much, it was a great learning experience.

February 8th – John and Courtney –Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Helped me see things in a different light

Him: It was a great course, very easy to follow and went into a good order. There was time for reflection, but also allowed us to do it at our own pace. We had great instructors who had a lot of knowledge and information to share. The questions we had were really answered and it felt like, although online, we were in class and being taken very seriously.
Her: Wonderful course overall - it helped that we could take it at our own pace in the comfort of our own homes. We had a lot of time to reflect and really learn what difficulties we might face. Our instructors were amazing and gave lots of real-life examples - it showed that they really cared about us. It helped us both grow in our love for each other and gave us some really good resources to use in the future.
Both: Our instructors really took the time to listen to us and help us through our marriage prep. It shows that they are really committed to the Church and His teaching.

February 9th – Matthew and Alexandra –Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO “It exceed my expectations

Him: This course allowed us to open up as a couple while also giving us the flexibility to work on our own time. It was an excellent resource in our preparation to marriage.
Her: This course was far more beneficial that I expected. It really allowed us to discuss things more deeply than we had before.
Both: Gave us the motivation to start praying together, encouraged us to be more active in our parish, and to attend church more regularly.

February 10th – TJ and Emily –Diocese of Birmingham, AL “I certainly learned a lot

Him: This class gave great real-life examples. I appreciated that we could complete it at our own pace. It was also nice to have the privacy to discuss these thought-provoking items with Emily. The feedback provided at the end of each lesson was also very helpful.
Her: I thought this class was really helpful. I enjoyed having it stretch out over a month because we were not just thrown a bunch of information all at once. It was nice to think about each topic for a week.
Both: This course brought up topics for us to discuss that we normally would not talk about. It also gave good examples of issues that (almost) every married couple will face and ways to help resolve them

February 11th – Hugo and Christina –Diocese of Memphis, TN “I appreciated that the course was flexible

Him: Our instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. Their feedback provided a lot of information that helped further our discussions post-assignment each time. The course had good pacing and did well in unifying the themes presented throughout.
Her: The feedback from our instructors were very thorough! They gave us a lot of details that helped us better understand the lessons and the teachings of the Church. I enjoyed our instructors. I could sense their kindness and care for their students through their feedback and explanations. I enjoyed the virtual format of the class. The flexibility of online assignments allowed us to complete the course at our pace, and take time to reflect on the lessons.
Both: It improved our communication by giving us opportunity to have valuable discussions together about our values, faith, what we envision for the future, etc. We feel the course helped us open up to each other even more.