Feb. 14th– Daniel and Angelina– Archdiocese of Chicago, IL “This was a great idea for date night!

Him: I liked how this course made us stronger and connected us on a deeper level. This course also gave us a lot to think about and sparked all the necessary conversations that we needed to have before marriage.
Her: I liked how our instructors were able to connect with us as a couple and make the answer key very personable and specific to us. They provided us with a bunch of great links and bible verses that we were able to read through and connect to.

Both: It definitely sparked some important conversations that we needed to have and helped us realize some of the potential future problems we might face in our marriage.

Feb. 15th– Mark and Blanche –Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I felt like this class brought me closer to God

Him: We were able to interact with the questions together and having to talk about things that were new.
Her: I like how it was at the convenience of our own home. We were able to take in the time to really think about the questions amongst ourselves to answered these whole heartedly. We didn't feel the pressure of others while taking this.

Both: We felt like this class itself improved our communication because it gave us time to talk more in depth with our religion. We liked how some questions involved both people to answer because it gave us a broaden way to talk in out.

Feb. 16th – Zeke and Bernadette– Diocese of Camden, NJ “This was such a phenomenal course!

Him: The quality of this course was amazing! Extremely informative and our instructors were very personable and had speedy replies. I would recommend this course to anyone; especially my catholic friends.
Her: We truly loved and enjoyed each step of the Pre-Cana experience this Catholic marriage prep has provided us. Everything was well-explained, made us knowledgeable of our future commitment, asked us the right questions to really allow us to really understand our relationship and conscience for our life of marriage together.

Both: We felt God touch our hearts numerous times throughout the program and it has truly deepened the reality, understanding of marriage, and our love for each other.

Feb. 17th– John and Kaitlin –Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY  “It surpassed my expectations!

Him: I had a really fun time learning about the sacrament of matrimony. I'm walking out of this class feeling closer to Christ, and excited for what our future holds in our marriage.
Her: I loved it! It really helped that it was on our time and not a scheduled course. I feel like we really connected to our instructors through our work sheets, and I really enjoyed not only reading the actual "lessons" but also hearing firsthand about our instructors 's experiences!

Both: This course helped us realize that we actually have a lot of the same beliefs about our future goals than we ever knew we did!

Feb. 18th – Jonathan and Yesenia – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I look forward to growing with my wife in faith.

Him: This class has definitely helped me understand what it is to be married in the Catholic Church. I have also learned lifelong lessons, that I will use in my daily life with my wife.

Her: This was a beautiful class, not only for Catholics, but I feel that anyone could really benefit from it. I have learned so much about my husband throughout this course and learned more about what God really wants us to do in our marriage.

Both: We will be committed to going to Church every week and participate in other activities the church has to offer.