February 21st – Jacob and Katriona -Diocese of Joliet, IL We are very grateful for this opportunity!”

Him: This course was extremely helpful for our journey in many reasons. There were so many great examples of scripture provided which we were able to adapt to our everyday life, making our relationship grow stronger than before.
Her: This class created a lot of great conversation for Jake & I. It opened up lines of communication that were important to be open and brought up some great topics for discussion. It was also nice to hear some insight about our answers to questions that we discussed. Overall, this course was very helpful in our preparation for marriage!
Both: This course improved our communication because it brought up topics that we had not discussed enough about. It offered insight into important topics and reading what you both had to say ignited more conversation. It was a very helpful guide to navigate some of these tougher topics.

February 22nd – Matthew and Caitlin -Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX“It was a great journey!”

Him: It was great to have the time to review the content and have private discussions with each other. I also enjoyed having a wonderful couple to guide us and give great feedback.
Her: I really enjoyed this class and learned so much from it. Our instructors were such a wonderful couple to take this journey with, and I feel even stronger in my faith and relationship after taking this class.
Both: We are so thankful for our instructors! They are an absolutely wonderful couple and we feel blessed by the time we were able to spend with them.

February 23rd – Nathan and Ashley- Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “We really enjoyed this class”

Him: This class allowed us the opportunity to learn more about each other, more about our faith backgrounds, and grow in our relationship.
Her: We really enjoyed this class, it allowed us to set time aside from our busy schedules to discuss different aspects of marriage and faith. This class and feedback from our instructors gave us great advice and tools to be prepared for marriage.

Both: This course gave us the desire to get closer to God, it inspired us to say daily prayers together and figure out how to incorporate God in our daily lives.

February 24th – Jerome and Lucero -Diocese of Orange, CA“This definitely surpassed my expectations.”

Him: My experience with this course has really opened my eyes. The answer keys that were provided by our instructors definitely expanded my mind on the course's teachings. I especially enjoyed the feedback given on the answer keys as well.
Her: I felt this course was definitely worth our time. It's helped us grow as a couple and opened our eyes to more information than I thought there was. This course has given us the opportunity to grow as a couple and prepared us for the Sacrament of Marriage
Both: This course actually helped us communicate more. Talked about topics that we would have never brought up organically. We both understand even more so now, how much communication is important in a relationship.

February 25th–Blake and Aubrey-Diocese of Savannah, GA“This course deepened my understanding of Church teaching”

Him: I thought the course gave us a great education on marriages role in religion and the Sacraments. It also gave us a lot of great tools and insight as to how keep God in the center of our marriage and ensure we live our lives according to His will.
Her: This class was excellent because it gave us a lot of background knowledge on the Church’s teachings that I hadn’t learned in depth before, as well as initiate deep conversations about our future life and marriage together.
Both: The course helped reiterate the importance of keeping God at the center of our marriage and the fact that we need to ensure that even after we’re married we need to follow His will.