February 28th– Kevin and Olivia -Diocese of Joliet, IL “It taught us ways to communicate with love instead of our ego.

Him: I believe it was a good foundation for our marriage and how to make God the focal point. I learned a lot of new things like how to be a man of God and how to be a husband through God's laws.
Her: I'm so happy we took this class - it has taught me so much more than I thought. I'm reminded once again just how much grace and love God has given us. I feel closer to God and am more committed to honor Him and His ways throughout our marriage and our lives.
Both: We appreciated the endless love this class has embedded in us to each other and to God.

March 1st – Bradley and Kaitlyn -Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB “I appreciated the helpful advice and tips.”

Him: I enjoyed the quality time this course allowed us to have on a weekly basis, getting to know each other on a deeper level.
Her: The course was a great opportunity for us to have important conversations about our future together as a couple and a family.
Both: It exceeded our expectations as it also provided helpful guidance and advice that we have incorporated into our marriage and daily lives.

March 2nd – Travis and Janessa -Diocese ofSacramento, CA “It ignited my desire to get closer to God

Him: This class was extremely helpful in exposing us to potential problems we might face in marriage and how to remedy them. It also gave us some great tools and areas that we can improve on to guide us to a happy marriage.
Her: This class has been helpful in bringing not only my fiancé and I closer together, but also closer to God. I also got to learn more about marriage and tools to a happy marriage.
Both: They gave us tools and practices to work on constantly improving our communication and relationship. The activities allowed us to come together and talk about our answers.

March 3rd – Thomas and Josephine-Diocese of Sacramento, CA “This marriage prep went above and beyond.”

Him: It was very thorough and made me feel more confident to marry my fiancé.
Her: I learned so much and definitely feel like I understand the sacrament of marriage better. It provided so many extra resources and detailed feedback. It gave us so many tips about marriage that are theological based and how to create a lasting marriage rooted in faith.
Both: A marriage without God will not last. Marriage is a vocation! The prep taught us how all aspects of marriage rely on our commitment to our faith which made us want to revive our faith more!

March 4th – Dominick and Lisa -Diocese of Venice, FL “I was provided insight into the thought process behind reasoning of the Catholic faith.”

Him: The course was extremely thorough and the feedback given was very insightful!
Her: Our instructors were extremely helpful with navigating us through the entire time. Also, the material we covered will be helpful in both marriage and other aspects of our future.
Both: It helped with our communication because we were able to dive into topics that we do not discuss too often.