March 7th – Mauricio and Meredith-Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “Surpassed expectations!

Him: Really detailed preparation course. We learned a lot. The instructors where very supportive and prompt. Great overall!
Her: This course helped me better understand the biblical and spiritual importance of the Sacrament of Marriage.
Both: We grew up in different cultures and lived Christianity differently. This course helped us get "on the same page" regarding our faith.

March 8th – Ben and Annette -Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “The course was very detailed and covered a lot of topics

Him: This class is extremely insightful and allowed me and us understand the true importance of having God involved in every step along our lives. It was very fun going through this process with Annette and we have grown even closer through it.
Her: We really enjoyed this experience because it brought us closer and taught us how we can build our marriage with a strong foundation with God and the church. The lessons we learned we will utilize to keep our relationship going on the right path as we build a family.
Both: It improved our communication and helped confirm our belief that communication is a key element in a successful marriage. We also discovered many different conversation topics that were not something we had discussed before and allowed us to learn more about each other's goals in life both with each other and individually.

March 9th– Jose and Amy-Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I am in awe of how God has been so good to us during this marriage

Him: This class was amazing. It helped Amy and I learn more about our faith and what to expect for our future life together as one.
Her: This online class was so great and convenient for us. We were able to work on these classes and learn what marriage is all about within the Catholic church. It gave great resources and activities and it really made us think and talk when it came.
Both: There is so much to look forward to and growing our relationship with God is the way to have strong marriage as well as being able to raise our future children the way God wants us to.

March 10th– Scott and Melanie -Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO “This class has really opened our eyes and help us prepare for the future together.

Him: The insight and feedback from our instructors was what really made this class. They were quick to respond and opened my eyes up to different perspectives that I would not have thought of on my own.
I think this class was a great experience and extremely helpful in looking into the future of our relationship. I feel as if we are more prepared then we were at the beginning of this class. I really appreciate the time our instructors took with their reviews. Their feedback really helped guide us down a path that will ultimately lead our future family closer to Christ
Both: We appreciated the insight and the honesty behind all the feedback we received. It really allowed us to talk about certain topics we wouldn't have thought of bring up without these lessons.

March 11th– Kyle and Erin-Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, TX “Helped me to become more prayerful about our marriage.

Him: I liked all of the different formats that were provided (Biblical text, Catechism, videos, audio recordings). The feedback was extremely helpful, and I liked how much information we were given. We have definitely saved all our answer keys for future reference!
Her: We appreciated how this was self-paced, meaning we could spend more time discussing. We had originally planned on going to a marriage prep retreat in person, but we have ended up really enjoying being able to take our time on each assignment. The feedback and being assigned a sponsor couple was also very helpful.
Both: It has helped to facilitate conversations between us about faith, which has helped us grow in our faith.