March 14th – John and Kayla -Diocese of Greensburg, PA “It showed me the true faith behind marriage

Him: The course was very engaging and thought provoking. It really helped us explore our faith together even further and opened our eyes to areas of marriage that we initially wouldn't have thought of. Overall, the course and our sponsor couple were extremely helpful and helped keep the course engaging and interesting.
Her: This course helped me understand the true meaning of marriage in the Catholic church and opened up many conversations between John and I regarding marriage and Christ's love as we prepare for this journey. I learned a lot about the Catholic faith, and I learned more about John and I as a couple through each course.
Both: The course was engaging and thought provoking and guided us to many different resources! The course helped us gain an overall better understanding of the meaning of Catholic marriage and thus met our expectations.

March 15th – John and Cassie -Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX “It showed us a different perspective of everything about society.

Him: I loved this class and it taught me a lot! Not just about marriage but about God and the church as well. I think it definitely helped deepen mine and Cassie’s connection and our love for each other. It definitely requires lots of thinking and allowed us to have deep, intimate conversations.
Her: It helped me grow as an individual but also grow with my partner. It helped me better understand what marriage was really about. I realize it’s a lot more than just a piece of paper and an “I do”. It’s about being not only a team but also have God as our coach.
Both: We would have more intimate conversations. It definitely was a stepping stone for helping us mature with each other and ourselves. We would always end the night by talking about every topic.

March 16th – Ryan and Kathryn -Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “I appreciated getting to know more about the catholic faith and the process of marriage as a sacrament

Him: This class was excellent. It turned out to be very comprehensive as it relates to marriage, the process of marriage and life after getting married. Very informative as it relates to God and the church and what it takes to become ready, spiritually, for the sacrament of marriage. I am happy we were able to complete this course together.
Her: I really liked this class. It taught me so many things that I’d never learned or things that I thought I knew but as I dug a little deeper, I gained so much clarity and perspective. Some of the topics we went over were very important for us to discuss and even discover from each other’s perspective. I am happy we were able to go through this course.
Both: Our instructors were instrumental in our navigation of the course work. They always assisted with a cheerful demeanor and were very gracious with their feedback.

March 17th – Shaun and Kristen (Civilly Married)– Diocese of Rockford IL “Affirmed my desire to join the church.

Him: This class was wonderful. It was great at starting conversations between my wife and I that we have never had before. Our instructors provided great insight.
Her: This is something you never do when you’ve already been married for five years. It was nice to explore these parts of ourselves.
Both: We really wanted to thank our instructors. Their words were always encouraging and we learned so much from them.

March 18th – Peter and Sarah (Civilly Married)-Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “It gave me a new understanding of marriage

Him: It got me thinking deeply about my faith and what is most important to me in marriage.
Her: It was incredible. My husband is quieter and I am the real chatter box, so it really helped us communicate on a much deeper level. It helped me see the heart of my husband and his deepest desires to be a man of God.
Both: It brought us so much closer as a couple and gave us a rock-solid foundation on which to build and grow and learn and love and forgive and give. We are so excited to invite God into the center of our marriage