March 28th – Spencer and Luisa Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I feel this class has reminded me how fulfilling it is to have a strong faith

Him: This class was excellent. It really helped us open up and talk more openly about our faith and how it will play a part in every component of our marriage.
Her: I greatly enjoyed this class. It gave many great resources and I loved how it gave us the opportunity to discuss our relationship, our goals, and our faith. I thought the sections of the class were well laid out, and we had a great couple to mentor us. Overall, I think this class went above and beyond any expectations I had!
Both: We both got a lot out of this class and grew from it spiritually and emotionally. We grew both closer to God and also each other.

March 29th – Brad and Kayley (Civilly Married) -Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “This course has me thinking about our marriage in a new way

Him: It was a great course. Even though we were civilly married in 2019, I have a new foundation for appreciation of Kayley and our upcoming sacramental marriage
Her: Agree. Our instructor’s comments were very helpful in facilitating the discussion and reflection.
Both: We were able to intentionally discuss topics again and revaluate them with a new light.

March 30th – Andrew and Giulianna -Diocese ofAllentown, PA “This course has brought to the forefront thinking about God in tons of decisions where I would normally not.

Him: The class was a great eye opener into not only how God will be involved in our marriage but also just general aspects and parts of our marriage that we have not gone into deep discussions about. It was great to have the guidance to put some not thought of and difficult questions in front of us to answer.
Her: I am really grateful for the experience of this class. Having these discussions prompted in our relationship really encouraged us to think about things proactively and even have conversations that we did not think to have prior to the class. I know that we both are really happy to have done this course and look forward to finding things like this to do together continually!
Both: Prior to taking this course, we did not as actively talk about the way we would proactively include God in our marriage. I think it was something that we knew was important to us, but hadn't yet been a discussion we had. Because of this course, we have so actively engaged in conversations about God, being active in our church, and been sharing the Lent season with one another. It's been such a huge blessing and we appreciate it so much.

March 31st – Tristan and Adriana -Diocese of Fresno, CA “We got to talk about our faith and future in a way that we often don't take time to do.

Him: This was a great experience for us as it allowed us to take time out of the day talking about issues we don't often talk in detail about.
Her: This was a great learning experience, we learned how to connect with God individually, but even more so as a whole.
Both: We know each other very well and have attended mass together many times, but we never really talked about our own personal relationship with God, so doing this really opened up a new chapter in our relationship, a positive one.

April 1st  – Troy and Alexis -Diocese of Sacramento, CA “I really appreciated how in-depth the class was.

Him: It covered many aspects of marriage and combined it with valuable teachings of the church. I also appreciated that even if our answers differed, we were never ridiculed or judged. I think it's important to have open conversations about these topics and I do feel like we learned a good amount from this course.
Her: I believe it did a good job explaining the Church's teachings and expectations of marriage that guided us and prepared to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony. The thorough responses of our mentors were helpful and went beyond our expectations.
Both: It allowed us to discuss more topics that don't come up in daily life though.