April 4th – Andrew and Frances– Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA “Our instructors truly care about the success of our marriage preparation and our marriage itself.

Him: I felt Frances and I were able to grow closer in our faith and explore aspects of marriage that we had not yet. We are both extremely thankful for this class.
Her: I truly feel so blessed to have gone through this class with Andrew and our wonderful instructors. We feel we have been guided and given wonderful advice to better our relationship and future marriage. I know that we will carry the lessons we have learned throughout our lives.
Both: The conversations had during this course were deep, interesting, and often challenging in a great way. Our ability to converse about vulnerable topics certainly allowed us to grow closer as a couple.

April 5th – Anthony and Gabrielle – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “It motivated me to be more involved in my spiritual connection with God

Him: Really impressed with the material taught in the course. Felt like I learned a lot of valuable information to prepare me for marriage.
Her: I thought this class gave us a good understanding of why marriage is so sacred and all the important life teachings we need to live by.
Both: This improved our relationship by allowing us to discuss situations that we feel unloved or insecure in our relationship and learning how to grow and be better with each day.

April 6th – Raymond and Mayra – Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA “I have learned to see every single thing as an invitation to adore our Lord

Him: All of the questions are straightforward and thought-evoking. The responses from our instructors were prompt and thorough.
Her: I appreciated how quick and thoughtful our instructors' responses were. They put a great deal of attention to our answers and made this whole process enlightening and joyful.
Both: We learned to be quicker to forgiveness and speak through our feelings attentively to each other than passively in attempts to avoid conflict.

April 7th – Joshua and Caitlin – Diocese of Camden, NJ “I finished this course with a deeper understanding and appreciation for marriage and for God

Him: This course taught me a lot about the expectations of marriage, and gave me a lot to think about with the journey that is marriage. The instructors had excellent comments and availability to help us through this experience. I really enjoyed this, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it.
Her: This class was very educational. I have gone through CCD and have been going to church since I was a baby and I still learned things from this course.
Both: This course, through the guidance of the instructors, have definitely sparked our desire to get closer to God and His Church. We’re glad we were able to be a part of this.

April 8th – John and Katie – Diocese of Meath, Ireland “It enhanced my faith

Him: It was good that you had to complete each assignment and review the instructor's responses and guidance before moving on to the next stage as it helped to break each topic up into sections and allowed us to dedicate appropriate amounts of time for each - rather than feeling rushed.
Her: Really enjoyed the specific feedback from our instructors - they were very helpful throughout this journey. I felt like the topics covered were very relevant for marriage too which was great.
Both: We are very grateful to our instructors for their ongoing support.